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Joint Research Projects

ILCAA Joint Research Projects, conducted by the members of the institute in collaboration with researchers outside the institute, constitute the core of research activities at ILCAA as the International Research Center for the Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa. Members of all the projects who are not regular staff at ILCAA are all given an affiliation with ILCAA as Joint Researchers.

The Joint Research Projects are evaluated annually by the Advisory Committee for Research Collaboration, which includes researchers within and outside ILCAA. Projects are evaluated in terms of all of their activities, including their output, publicactions of the results, and their overall academic significance.

Research results of Joint Research Projects in the past include about 600 publications and on-line dictionaries and databases that are available for use by any researchers and the general public.

Some Joint Research Projects are also organized by outside researchers.

For information on upcoming meetings of the projects, go to Upcoming Events.

Year 2019–2020 Call for ILCAA Joint Research Projects (by Visiting Researcher)

The Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA), as one of its activities between 2019 and 2020, is now soliciting proposals for ILCAA Joint Research Projects wherein a visiting foreign researcher conducts a joint project with one or more members of ILCAA research staff.

※ The deadline is 30 Nov 2018.

Ongoing Projects in 2018

(Projects are categorized into three groups, linguistics, anthropology, and history/area studies; however, many of them are interdisciplinary in nature.)



History/Area Studies

The Past Projects

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