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Externally Funded Research

In order to conduct research on the languages and cultures of Asia and Africa, the staff of ILCAA apply for various external funds, such as Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)) and other research grants by private organizations. Joint projects with corporations are also carried out to make contributions in applied usage of our expertise and research results.

KAKENHI (Grants-in Aid for Scientific Research) from JSPS, 2023

TitlePrincipal InvestigatorPeriod (AY)
Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas (A)
Connectivity and Trust Building in Islamic Civilization KUROKI, Hidemitsu2020–2025
Changes in the World of Islamic Thought and KnowledgeNODA, Jin2020–2025
Migrants, Refugees, and Community BuildingKUROKI, Hidemitsu2020–2025
The Ideas of the Muslim Community and State SystemsKONDO, Nobuaki2020–2025
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S)
The Origin and Evolution of Sociality: Developing new theories of human evolution based on collaboration between anthropology and primatologyKAWAI, Kaori2019–2023
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)
Multipolarization of Muslim societies in South AsiaTOGAWA, Masahiko2019-2023
JSPS Research Project on Islam and Gender: Towards a Comprehensive DiscussionNAGASAWA, Eiji2020–2023
Extractions of Huge Japanese Formulaic Sequences and Inductive Reconstruction of Japanese Grammar by Structural Analyse and Its Applications to Japanese Language EducationSHIBANO, Koji2020–2024
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)
A Multidisciplinary Study on Formation, Transmission, and Reception of Persian Historical RomancesKONDO, Nobuaki2020–2023
Democracy by Violence in the Twentieth Century: A Transnational HistoryNAGANAWA, Norihiro2018–2023
Study of dynamics of language loss: Toward understanding of language declination in younger speakers of OkinoerabuNAKAYAMA, Toshihide2020–2023
Constructing a typological and genetic overview of minority languages in BurmaSAWADA, Hideo2020–2024
An Anthropological Study on Things-A Perspective from technology-arts complexTOKORO, Ikuya2020–2024
Construction of “Tibetan folk vocabulary and example sentences database” combining field data with documentary records HOSHI, Izumi2020–2024
Study on racial and ethnic issues related to the Second Italo-Ethiopian WarISHIKAWA, Hiroki2021–2024
Rethinking the anthropology of death: An anthropological approach to “Reality” through affect theoryNISHII, Ryoko2021–2025
Performing arts nurtured in the “Time of Corona” -Response to the crisis, negotiation on Physicality, and their positions in each societyYOSHIDA, Yukako2021–2023
Descriptive study on the definition of “sentence”YAMAKOSHI, Yasuhiro2022–2024
Religious and Regional Comparison about Secularization and Public Morality: focusing on the Monotheistic SocietiesTAKAO, Kenichiro2022–2025
Volcanic Dynamics of sexualities, marriage and Singleness in contemporary East African SocietiesSHIINO, Wakana2022–2025
Comprehensive Studies on Tibetan Muslims in Western HimalayaOGURA, Satoshi2022–2025
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
Transcription and analysis of unpublished Carnets bequeathed by Joseph-Charles Mardrus in his own handwritingODA, Jun’ichi2020–2023
Colonialism and Medical/Anthropological Research--Europe, Africa and JapanNAGAHARA, Yoko2020–2023
Research on the development of agreements in Malay varieties based on parallel corporaSHIOHARA, Asako2020–2024
The transformations of lifeworlds in the periphery of the global nuclear energy development network — an anthropological enquiryUCHIYAMADA, Yasushi2021–2023
Anthropological study of the basis of people's violence and national violence from the viewpoint of reflexionFUKAZAWA, Hideo2021–2024
Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists
A typological and historical study of glottalized consonants in the Ryukyuan languagesAOI, Hayato2020–2023
Rethinking Religious Phenomena: Christianity and Devil Worshippers Discourses among the Duruma, in the Coastal Areas of KenyaOKAMOTO, Keishi2020–2023
Documentation, maintenance, and revitalization of the endangered language and culture of the Kachin peopleKURABE, Keita2020–2023
Transformation of Zulu Ethnicity in South Africa: From Segregation to XenophobiaKAMBAYASHI, Tomohiro2021–2024
Infant care during the weaning period in the local population of Japanese macaques with tolerant traits: Focusing on the gathering of childrenTANIGUCHI, Haruka2021–2024
Redefinition of the Vietnamese “community” in Japan: in terms of linguistic landscapes in their residential areasADACHI, Mayumi2022–2026
Relationship between biodiversity and intensity of related population creation in Southern KyushuKAWAZOE, Tatsuro2022–2026
Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows
Action research for revitalizing endangered languagesYOKOYAMA, Akiko2020–2023
Relationship between Art, Poetry, and Religion in the Early Modern Persianate World: A New Perspective on Movement of Art Objects and Migration of ArtistsKANDA, Yui2021-2023
A descriptive study of Hawaiian deictic expressionsIWASAKI, Kanae2021-2023
Infiltration of the Invented “Tradition”: Racial Segregation in South Africa and isiZulu Historical WritingsKAMBAYASHI, Tomohiro2021-2023
History of Indian Independence Movement and JapanTOGAWA, Masahiko2022-2024
Building a Platform for Interdisciplinary Studies: Toward Collaboration of the Ryukyuan Languages and Linguistic TypologyURABE, Yuko2022-2024
Fostering Joint International Research (B)
Joint international research of the issue of diversities and French republic form of government from the viewpoints of subsumption, graft and separation in Western Islands of the Indian OceanFUKAZAWA, Hideo2019–2024
Documenting and corpus development of minority languages in the Philippines and IndonesiaSHIOHARA, Asako2019–2023

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