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Core Project (Linguistics)

Linguistic Dynamics Science 3 (LingDy3)


Term: 2016.4 –2022.3
Leader: Asako SHIOHARA
Members: Izumi HOSHI, Norikazu KOGURA, Keita KURABE, Tokusu KUREBITO, Toshihide NAKAYAMA, Hideo SAWADA, Daisuke SHINAGAWA, Honoré WATANABE, Yasuhiro YAMAKOSHI


Linguistic Dynamics Science 3 (LingDy3) aims to advance a range of research activities in support of building multicultural and multilingual societies with special focus on Asian and African regions. Through active collaboration both with academic research institutions and with minority language communities, the project aspires to build mutually beneficial relationships between them, such as developing interests and capacity in language documentation and revitalization within language communities that positively impact not only the communities themselves but also academic research activities.

The project activities include the following:

  • Collaborative research on language documentation and conservation
  • Training on language documentation and revitalization for junior scholars and language community members
  • Development of supporting software tools and environment
  • Building collaborative network to facilitate effective accumulation and utilization of linguistic resources
  • Outreach activities for minority language communities
  • Development and dissemination of a model of collaborative language documentation research

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