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ILCAA offers educational training and various types of opportunities that are not possible in typical graduate school curriculum; this is to ensure the continuation of academic tradition with the future generations of researchers. The training activities at ILCAA can be grouped into the following three categories:


Intensive courses on specific languages of Asia and Africa, workshops, and seminars on particular themes or areas are offered.

Graduate Courses and Postdoctoral Fellowships

ILCAA's Research Staff take part in teaching the graduate courses of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies; graduate students can choose one of them as their supervisor and the committee chairperson for their doctoral thesis. ILCAA also offers various opportunities for postdoctoral students.

Junior Scholars Network

Through building academic networks and communities, ILCAA plays a central role in connecting junior scholars who specialize in studies of languages, cultures, and history of Asia and Africa, but who are affiliated with different institutions scattered across Japan.

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