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Graduate Courses

Many of the Research Staff take part in teaching the Doctoral Program in Graduate School of Global Studies at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies; graduate students can choose one of them as their supervisor and the committee chairperson for their doctoral thesis.

For details on admissions and applications, please see here (in Japanese only), or call the Admission Office at +81-42-330-5179.

Doctoral Degree Awardees

Name of Student Supervisor Title of Doctoral Thesis Date of Award
HIRATA, Akiko NISHII, Ryoko Lam folklore of the Lao Theung in Central Lao, PDR : Physical Experience on Sensory Intergration and digitalization in the sensory anthropological approach in the era of Globalization Mar. 10, 2021
NAMBA, Seitaro KURIHARA, Hirohide The Conflict between Socialism and Neutralism in Laos: The Liberated Zone's Plurality in the Most Peripheral Area of the Socialist Camp during the Détente Era (1945-1975) Oct. 14, 2020
ASO, Reiko NAKAYAMA, Toshihide A grammar of Hateruma, a Southern Ryukyuan language Feb. 12, 2020
SAKUMA, Yutaka MAJIMA, Ichiro An ethnographic study on the process of schism/creation in administrative villages of western Niger’s rural Songhai society at the turn of the 21st century Jun. 23, 2013
HOURANI, Guita Georges KUROKI, Hidemitsu “Does Naturalization Matter?”: Socioeconomic Mobility and Political Participation of the Kurds in Lebanon Jun. 23, 2013
YOSHIMATSU, Kumiko NISHII, Ryoko The vanishing frontier― an ethnography of Nomadic Karen― Dec. 12, 2012
KUSHIMOTO, Hiroko MIYAZAKI, Koji Transformation of the culture of Islamic learning: anthropological analysis of Malay Muslim society Jul. 25, 2012
Möngkedalai SHIBANO, Kohji Study of the transcription rules of Chinese characters of Mongolian in the secret history of the Mongols Jun. 27, 2012
CHAI, Elena Gregoria Chin Fern MIO, Yuko Brides Are Still Brides as They Were? Marriage Rituals and Women in a Hakka Community in Sarawak, Malaysia Jul. 21, 2010
SHIOYA, Momo MIYAZAKI, Koji Community and ritual in Java May 19, 2010
TAKAMURA, Kazue MIO, Yuko Cognitive map of daily border-crossers: a study of the Chinese Community on the East Coast of the Thai-Malaysian Borderland Jan. 20, 2010
YAMADA, Shigechika OGAWA, Ryo Masks in Bassari society: ethnographical research on masks and the discourse about them Feb. 20, 2008
LIN, Hung Ying KAJI, Shigeki A phonological study of southern Min in Taiwan, focusing on its Wu-chi dialect Jun. 27, 2007
HIGAKI, Mari KAJI, Shigeki Birth and development of Swahili Taarab songs in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Jun. 27, 2007
GUMISAWA, Hideo NEMOTO, Kei On the thought of ‘Gotong royong’: an insight into Indonesian nationalism Feb. 21, 2007
KAMIYA, Tosirou KAJI, Shigeki A descriptive study of the Bhaca language Sep. 20, 2006
YUKI, Saori KAJI, Shigeki Morphology and phonology of written Manchu: in classical Manchu Jin Ping Mei Jul. 26, 2006
KOGA, Kyoko KAJI, Shigeki A descriptive study of the Asante dialect of Akan, with particular focus on its phonology Jul. 26, 2006
ABE, Yuko KAJI, Shigeki A descriptive study of Bende phonology and morphology (Bantu F.12, Tanzania) Feb. 8, 2006
YI, Kyong-Suk KAGAYA, Ryohei The acoustic study on Japanese geminate production within speech rates Feb. 8, 2006
KUROSAWA, Naomichi DANIELS, Christian Ashley The study of the oral tradition of China’s minority ethnic groups Mar. 26, 2003
KARI, Ethelbert E. KAJI, Shigeki Clitics in Degema: a meeting point of phonology, morphology and syntax Mar. 26, 2003
ZENNO, Miho MIYAZAKI, Koji The ties between cities and a peasant community: the cargo system in the village of San Martin Huamedlulpan, state of Oaxaca, Mexico Dec. 18, 2002
SUGAWARA, Yumi MIYAZAKI, Koji Religious movements in central Java in the middle of the 19th century: a study of discourses about the Ahmad Rifa’i movement Jul. 24, 2002
TAKAKU, Yumi NAKAJIMA, Motoki Comprehensive studies of Chinese characters in the formative periods Mar. 26, 2002
DENG, Ying Wen DANIELS, Christian Ashley The economic relation between China and Vietnam in the 90s: focus on border trade Mar. 26, 2002
KOSAKA, Ryuichi SHINTANI, Tadahiko A Descriptive Study of the Lachi Language ーSyntactic Description, Historical Reconstruction and Genetic Relationー Jun. 21, 2000
YONEDA, Nobuko KAJI, Shigeki A descriptive study of Matengo, a Bantu language of Tanzania: with focus on verbal structure Mar. 24, 2000
SAKAEDANI, Haruko NAKANO, Akio Meanings and functions of definiteness and indefiniteness in Arabic Mar. 26, 1999
NARANONG, Soysuda SHINTANI, Tadahiko A study of the final particles yo, ne, and yone in Japanese sentences―from the standpoint of Japanese language education Apr. 22, 1998
YOSHIE, Satoko KAMIOKA, Kohji A sociolinguistic study on the politeness of modern Persian―the case of Tehran City Mar. 26, 1998
SUZUKI, Kikuko YAJIMA, Hikoichi Food and culinary traditions in the Arab Islamic world: cookery book of the Mamluk period, Wasf al-At’ima al-Mu’tada (Description of common foods) Mar. 25, 1996
JOSE, Ricard T. IKEHATA, Setsuho Food Administration in the Philippines during the Shortage and Occupation, 1942-1945: Focusing on the Rice Countermeasures Mar. 24, 1995

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