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Intensive Language Courses (ILC)

The Institute has offered intensive courses on various Asian and African languages since 1967.

The purposes of Intensive Language Courses are:

  • to provide training of basic language skills to beginners who pursue Asian and African studies.
  • to offer specialized knowledge of language(s) and of linguistic research that is essential both to field research as well as to philological research.
  • to improve basic learning environment of minor languages, for which materials are undeveloped, by compiling learning materials and improving them through the courses.

Both Japanese specialists and native teachers collaborate in each course.

To accomplish the above purposes a committee consisting of the instructers, ILCAA staff, and outside experts of language education discuss on teaching methods and execution plans.

Moreover, the committee evaluates each course after the courses have taken place.

For a list of the textbooks developped for the courses in the past, see Language Course Materials (in Japanese).

Courses given at Osaka are conducted in cooperation with Graduate School of Language and Culture, Osaka University.

Students are selected from applicants nationwide for each course. After successful completion of the course, the students receive certificates from the Director of the Institute.

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