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ILCAA publishes peer-reviewed journals, results of joint research projects and of individual researches, results of dictionary-compiling projects, and materials developed for Intensive Language Courses. Many publications are in languages other than Japanese. For lists of publications, please follow the links from the sub-menu on the left column of this page. For the latest complete list of publications, click here for a PDF version.

Most of the publications are distributed gratis to academic institutions and researchers. For details, please see Inquiry About Publications.

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Frontlist 2015.4-2016.3

A735※ [AAL-34] A Dictionary of Arab Tribes. Nishio, Tetsuo, Oda Jun'ichi, Nakamichi Shizuka, and Morita Shoko. 1999.2.1. ISBN 4-87297-735-1 *
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(◄ ) online publication
  • B226 A Grammar of Classical Tibetan based on The Clear Mirror: A Royal Genealogy (14th century). Hoshi, Izumi. 2016.3.28. ISBN 978-4-86337-226-9
  • B225 [JS-4] Shaṭṭārīyah silsilah in Aceh, Java, and the Lanao area of Mindanao. Fathurahman, Oman. 2016.3. ISBN 978-4-86337-225-2 *
  • B224 [JS-3] The Kakawin Ghaṭotkacāśraya by Mpu Panuluh. Robson, Stuart (ed. and trans.). 2016.3. ISBN 978-4-86337-224-5
  • B223 Describing “Something Chinese”: Anthropological Analysis based on an Action-Centered Approach. Tsuda, Koji, Sakurada Ryoko, and Fushiki Kaori (ed.). 2016.3.20. ISBN 978-4-86337-223-8 *
  • B222 A History of Food and Agriculture in Africa: Exploring the Basis of Modernity. Ishikawa, Hiroki, Komatsu Kaori, and Fujimoto Takeshi (eds.). 2016.3.31. ISBN 978-4-86337-222-1
  • B221 Citizenship for Migrants and Refugees: A Comparative Study of Institutions and Practices of Inclusion and Exclusion from Nation-States. Nishikida, Aiko (ed.). 2016.3.31. ISBN 978-4-86337-221-4 *
  • B220 Otherness: The Evolution of Human Sociality. Kawai, Kaori. 2016.3.25. ISBN 978-4-86337-220-7 *
  • B219 Re-Finding African Local Assets and City Environments: Governance, Research and Reflexivity. Shiino, Wakana, Shiraishi Soichiro, and Ondicho Tom. 2016. ISBN 978-4-86337-219-1
  • B218 Linguistic Typology of the North Volume 3. Berge, Anna, Hori Hirofumi, Kurebito Tokusu, Ebata Fuyuki, Syuryun Aizhaana, and Huang Xing. 2016. ISBN 978-4-86337-218-4
  • B217 Tibetan Literature and Filmmaking Sernya Vol.3. Hoshi, Izumi, Ebihara Shiho, Okawa Kensaku et al.(eds.). 2016.1.30. ISBN 978-4-86337-217-7
  • B216 Angano Malagasy Boky II. Iida, Taku, Nishimoto Noa, Razafiarivony Michel, and Fukazawa Hideo (eds.). 2016.3.31. ISBN 978-4-86337-216-0
  • B215 Bhojpuri folktales of Mauritius. Machida, Kazuhiko, Oda Jun'ichi, Sugimoto Seiko, and Geerjandsingh Bissessur (Arvind) (eds.). 2016.3.31. ISBN 978-4-86337-215-3
  • B214 Connecting Science and Culture. Kasuga, Naoki (ed.). 2016.3.21. ISBN 978-4-86337-214-6 *
  • B213◄ Keyword In Context Index to Dharmakīrti’s Pramāṇaviniścaya. Sakai, Masamichi, and Takashima Jun. 2015. ISBN 978-4-86337-213-9
  • B212◄ Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Information Structure of Austronesian Languages. Linguistic Dynamics Science Project 2. 2015.12.25. ISBN 978-4-86337-212-2 *
  • B211 [SCI-105][MEIS-22] Mapping Safavid Iran. Kondo, Nobuaki (ed.). 2015. ISBN 978-4-86337-211-5
  • B209 Nanay Culture and Living 1: Publications on Tungus Languages and Cultures 60. Kazama, Shinjiro (trans. and annotated). 2015.8.1. ISBN 978-4-86337-209-2
  • B207※ ILCAA Intensive Language Course 2015: Old Javanese, Textbook: An Introduction to Old Javanese. Molen, Willem van der. 2015.8.19. ISBN 978-4-86337-207-8
  • B206 ILCAA Intensive Language Course 2015: Palestinian Arabic, Textbook 2; The Palestinian Arabic-Glossary. Yoda, Sumikazu. 2015.12.25. ISBN 978-4-86337-206-1
  • B205 ILCAA Intensive Language Course 2015: Palestinian Arabic, Textbook 1; The Palestinian Arabic-Grammar. Yoda, Sumikazu. 2015.12.25. ISBN 978-4-86337-205-4
  • B204 ILCAA Intensive Language Course 2015: Mongolian Language, Textbook 2. Comprehensive Grammar of the Mongolian Language. Nakashima, Yoshiteru. 2015.1.23. ISBN 978-4-86337-204-7
  • B203※ ILCAA Intensive Language Course 2015: Mongolian, Textbook 1: Mongolian Conversation and Reader. Hashimoto, Masaru, and Myagmarsuren Uuganbayar. 2015.7.27. ISBN 978-4-86337-203-0
  • B202 [SCI-104][MEIS-21] Studies on Early Modern Islamic Dynasties: The State of the Art. Kondo, Nobuaki (ed.). 2015.7.15. ISBN 978-4-86337-202-3 *
  • B201 [SCI-103][MEIS-20] ‘Tuḥfat al-Khānī or Tārīkh-I Raḥīm Khānī: An Early Manghit Chronicle in Central Asia, Muḥammad Qāżī Vafā' Karmīnagī (d.1769). Sefatgol, Mansur (ed.), and Kondo Nobuaki (collabo.). 2015. ISBN 978-4-86337-201-6
  • B174 [LSTCA106] The Kadaw Language. Shintani, Tadahiko L.A. 2015.12.25. ISBN 978-4-86337-174-3
  • B210 [LSTCA105] The Zotung Language. Shintani, Tadahiko L.A. 2015.9.30. ISBN 978-4-86337-210-8
  • B183 [LSTCA104] The Shanke Language. Shintani, Tadahiko L.A. 2015.6.24. ISBN 978-4-86337-183-5


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