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Inquiry About Publications

ILCAA publications are not for sale, but, upon request, are sent to academic institutions and individual researchers for research purposes.

Requests and Inquiries about ILCAA Publications

To request publications from ILCAA, please send the following information: (1) name (and affiliation), (2) mailing address, (3) phone/fax number and e-mail address, (4) ILCAA book number (indicated next to the titles in the lists, e.g., A001), and (5) intended use of the publications. Please send it to the following address by either mail, fax, or e-mail. Requested volumes will be sent, depending on availability.

Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa,
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies,
Fuchu-shi Asahi-cho 3-11-1, Tokyo, 183-8534, Japan
Fax: +81-(0)42-330-5610
e-mail: publ[at]怀Please change [at] to @.

Conditions of Use of Electronic Reproductions

The Research Institute for the Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA) at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies makes available electronic reproductions of some of its publications on the worldwide web in PDF file and other forms. ILCAA has obtained permission from the copyright holders in providing these electronic versions, and individuals are free to view, reproduce, and/or print out whole or partial copies of them for private use, but for academic purposes only. This consent does not extend to other kinds of reproduction for non-academic purposes, such as reproduction for commercial, advertising, and promotional purposes; or to any form of reproduction, printing, general distribution or preparation for general distribution that exceeds the limits of personal use, including posting on www/FTP services for sale to and use by other people. All such acts constitute an infringement of copyright and are strictly prohibited, no matter whether the reproductions are complete or partial. But users are free to set up links to these files. It is understood that all users of these electronic reproductions understand and agree to the above conditions.

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