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Textbooks for Language Training

The Language Course Materials are the textbooks and materials developed for Intensive Language Courses that are offered every year by ILCAA (partly in conjunction with Osaka University). The materials are all originally developed by the instructors for each course.

A772 [AAL-37] A Haya Vocabulary. Kaji, Shigeki (ed.). 2000.3.5. ISBN 4-87297-772-6 *
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in June 2018

  • A722 ILCAA Language Training Report 1967-1993. Nakajima, Motoki (ed). 1994.3.31. ISBN 4-87297-722-X
  • A777 ILCAA Language Training Report 1994-1999. Nakajima, Motoki (ed.). 2000.6.30. ISBN 4-87297-777-7

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