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Journal of Asian and African Studies


The Journal of Asian and African Studies is a biannually published, peer-reviewed journal on linguistics, history, and cultural anthropology of Asia and Africa. Submissions of papers are accepted from both within Japan and abroad. The submitted papers are reviewed by the editorial committee of the journal that includes researchers within and outside the Institute.

For the members of the Editorial Committee, please see here.


The Journal is published twice a year, on March 31 and September 30. Submission are accepted at anytime.

Those who want to send their manuscripts, please contact the Editorial Committee first by e-mail (address: edit-js[at] to get necessary information including the special e-mail address for the submission. (Prease change [at] to @)

For details, please see the “Guidelines for Authors”(last revised on 31 March 2017; 169KB).

Current Issue

Vol.95 2018-3-31

Dialectal Variation and Development of Khams Tibetan in Northern Shangri-La Municipality (ja)

Suzuki, Hiroyuki

The Founding of the Republic of Singapore
The People’s Action Party Government and the British Empire, 1963 - 1966 (ja)

Suzuki, Yoichi

Rohingya Goes Global
Arakan Rohingya National Organization (ARNO) and the Making of Refugees (en)

Chan, Ying-kit

The Local Politics of Border-Crossing Migration between Vietnam and Cambodia
Khmer Border-Crossers and Vietnamese State in the Mekong Delta after the End of Cold War (ja)

SHIMOJO, Hisashi

“The Old Man with a Lump” of Myanmar
Folktale Texts in Jinghpaw (ja)

Kurabe, Keita

An Important Historical Source Concerning Muhammad Ali’s Rule of Syria
Research on Record Register of Acts (Khulāṣāt) Published by Supreme Council of Aleppo (ja)

Motani, Yusuke

A Revolt in the Early Sokoto Caliphate
Muḥammad Bello’s Sard al-kalām (en)

Kariya, Kota


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