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Journal of Asian and African Studies


The Journal of Asian and African Studies is a biannually published, peer-reviewed journal on linguistics, history, and cultural anthropology of Asia and Africa. Submissions of papers are accepted from both within Japan and abroad. The submitted papers are reviewed by the editorial committee of the journal that includes researchers within and outside the Institute.

For the members of the Editorial Committee, please see here.


The Journal is published twice a year, on March 31 and September 30. Submission are accepted at anytime.

Those who want to send their manuscripts, please contact the Editorial Committee first by e-mail (address: edit-js[at] to get necessary information including the special e-mail address for the submission. (Prease change [at] to @)

For details, please see the “Guidelines for Authors”(last revised on 31 March 2017; 169KB).

Current Issue

Vol.94 2017-9-30

Way of Naming and Religion with Pastoralism
For the Ethnographic Understanding of the Islam Which Perform from Wakhi in Pakistan (ja)

Kumagai, Mizue

Extension of the Grammatical Word “chưng” in Chinese–Old Vietnamese Bilingual Texts
Focusing on the Thiền tông khóa hư ngữ lục written in the 14th Century (ja)

Washizawa, Takuya

Study of Pragmatic Final Particles in “Corpus Data on Spoken Thai” (ja)

Wittayapanyanon (Saito), Sunisa

The Provision on “Apostasy” in the Early Sokoto Caliphate (ja)

Kariya, Kota

Data Elicitation Using Mangas
The “Cogitation Process” Approach (en)

Tsunoda, Mie

Special Feature [Japanese and Korean Lexical Accent: Diachrony, Reconstruction, and Typology. A Festschrift for Samuel Robert Ramsey]

Preface (en)

Ito, Chiyuki

Universals of Tone Rules and Diachronic Change in Japanese (en)

De Boer, Elisabeth M.

Accent Shift in Japanese and Korean (en)

Fukui, Rei

On the Historical Position of the Gairin Type Accent (ja)

Hirako, Tatsuya

Biased Questions in South Kyeongsang Korean
A Preliminary Study (en)

Hwang, Hyun Kyung

The Lexical Accent of Surnames in Kyengsang Korean
A Study in Analogy (en)

Kenstowicz, Michael and Sohn, Hyang-Sook

The Role of Foot Structure in Korean Accent Systems (en)

Poppe, Clemens

On Hattori’s Hypothesis
Does Shortening of Long Vowels Produce an Accent Kernel? (ja)

Uwano, Zendo

Translation and Commentary:Alioune Diop, “Niam n’goura or Présence Africaine’s Raison d’être” (ja)

Nakamura, Takayuki

Persian Accounting Manual from the Early Safavid Period (mid-16th century)
Text and Japanese Translation of Chapters on Accounting Techniques from Ghiyāth al-Dīn Kirmānī’s Treatise on Accountancy (ja)

Watabe, Ryoko and Abe, Naofumi


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