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Core Project (History/Area Studies)

Field Archiving of Memory: Dynamics of Cooperation in Muslim Society

Term: 2022.4 –
Leader: Jin NODA
Members: Emi GOTO, Masato IIZUKA, Nobuaki KONDO, Hidemitsu KUROKI, Satoshi OGURA, Yoichi TAKAMATSU, Ikuya TOKORO, Taichi KURONUMA, Yui KANDA


This research project aims to elucidate the dynamics of cooperation in Asian and African societies that have maintained multi-religious and multicultural societies. In doing so, we will focus on the history of Muslim societies and the sustainable societies that can be found in the present. For the above purpose, we will carry out visualization and multifaceted analyses of textual, spatial, and image information based on the archiving of diverse “memories” (including not only past events, but also individual experiences and background to contemporary issues) with an awareness of the rapidly advancing digital transformation in the field of humanities. By confronting the various contradictions that have emerged in the collapse of order in the midst of globalization and the problems surrounding religion and sectarianism in the modern world, and by turning our attention to cooperation and tolerance, we would like to examine the possibility of “restoring relationships” of various kinds, including relationships of trust.

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