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Core Project (Anthropology)

Anthropological Inquiry of Sociality: Dynamics of Tolerance/Intolerance in Transcultural Contexts

Term: 2022.4 –
Leader: Ryoko NISHII
Members: Kaori KAWAI, Masahiko TOGAWA, Ikuya TOKORO, Yukako YOSHIDA, Aya KAWAI, Ran MURATSU


Human beings are gregarious animals that cannot live alone, and the question of what kind of “sociality” underpins their lives is a fundamental question for us all. In today's world, people and things that used to have no chance to meet are meeting beyond the framework of regions, ethnic groups, and nation-states, and a transcultural situation in that they influence each other has emerged. In this context, discrimination and exclusion are becoming more serious, and a new sociality that encompasses differences is being sought. In addition, in the post-corona situation, it will become increasingly important to consider sociality from the perspective that the world in which we live is pluralistic, consisting of not only human beings but also viruses, plants and animals, and the dynamism of things. This study explores the mechanisms of tolerance and intolerance by focusing on the practice of people in the field in Asia and Africa. The aim is to create a platform for discussion on how to “live together” in a post-Corona transcultural context.

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