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Loan and Reproduction Services of the Resources of ILCAA

Loan or reproduction services of the academic resources of the Institute are available

Terms and Conditions for Reproducing and Loaning the Resources of the Institute

  • when it is a petition for publication or academic research
  • when it is a request made by the person(s) (or his/her/their offspring) who contributed to the generation of the resource(s), e.g., informants, model of a photograph, etc.
  1. In order to retain the original state, the resources (Originals) should be handled with utmost care.
  2. On completion of the loan, the Originals should be returned in the same state as they were at the time of the loan. Due measures, such as appropriate insurances, shall be taken to assure the original state of the resources.
  3. Without a prior written consent from ILCAA-TUFS, the Originals and Reproductions supplied shall not be reproduced, distributed, photographed, recorded, staged, exhibited, transmitted, communication enabled through the Internet (e.g., on the WWW pages), broadcasted, or processed in any other way.
  4. Regarding publication, staging, exhibition, broadcast, or in any form of communication to the public (including communication through the Internet) with respect to the resources rented or reproduced or the products thereof, ILCAA-TUFS shall be mentioned properly as the owner.
  5. ILCAA-TUFS shall be provided with a complimentary copy of the publication (e.g., books, papers, brochures, catalogues, CD records, or movies) based on the resources rented or reproduced.
  6. All expenses pertaining to the reproductions, postage, and/or transfer shall be covered by the applicants.

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