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ILCAA Joint Research Project

Morphology and syntax of Narrative (jrp000276)



  • narrative
  • story-telling
  • morpho-syntax
  • linguistic typology


  • Extensive Areas



About the Project

Project term: April, 2022–March, 2025

This study will explore the morphosyntactic characteristics of “narratives” observed in various languages, including minority languages in Asia and Africa, as well as languages with many speakers such as Japanese and German. A narrative is a genre of utterance that can be defined as a “chronologically-arranged event situated in a place spatiotemporally distant from the utterance situation.” In addition to ‘Parallax’ corpora based on the data elicited through a common task, this project will also analyze natural utterances. Our aim is first to identify the morphosyntactic characteristics specific to narratives in individual languages and then attempt to generalize the characteristics cross-linguistically. This study also will explore better standards for developing text corpora.

Asako SHIOHARA, Project Coordinator



  • Asako SHIOHARA


  • Norikazu KOGURA
  • Keita KURABE
  • Honoré WATANABE

Joint Researchers

  • Danielle BARTH
  • Tomoko ENDO
  • Nicholas EVANS
  • Kazuya INAGAKI
  • Yukinori KIMOTO
  • Natsuko NAKAGAWA
  • Takashi NARITA
  • Hiroki NOMOTO
  • Hitomi ONO
  • Stefan SCHNELL



The 3rd meeting Report (Japanese)

  • Date/Time: Sun 12 Feb 2023 13:30–16:30
  • Venue: Online meeting
  • 13:30–14:30 Asako SHIOHARA (ILCAA)
    “What is narrative?: Summary of Toolan 1988”
    14:40–16:00 Tomoko ENDO (The University of Tokyo)
    “Laughter and quotation of thought in Japanese conversational storytelling”

The 2nd meeting Report (Japanese)

  • Date/Time: Sun 25 Sep 2022 13:30–16:30
  • Venue: Online meeting
  • 13:30-14:30 Asako SHIOHARA (ILCAA)
    “Overview of the SCOPIC Project”
    14:30-15:30 Yukinori KIMOTO (ILCAA Joint Researcher, University of Hyogo)
    “Social cognition and syntactic embedding: Corpus-based typology of complementation and their alternatives”
    15:30-16:30 All participants
    Discussion on future activities

The 1st meeting Report (Japanese)

  • Date/Time: Sun 29 May 2022 13:00–16:00
  • Venue: Online meeting
  • 1. Self-introduction of participants
    2. Taku KUMAKIRI (University of Tokyo)
     “Narrative Structure and Word Order of Verbal Sentences in Tunis Arabic”
    3. Discussion on the scope of this project

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