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ILCAA Joint Research Project

Human Society in Evolutionary Perspectives (4)

Human Society in Evolutionary Perspectives (4)


  • Human Evolution
  • sociality
  • human (Homo sapience)
  • non-human primates
  • existence
  • environment
  • extremity


  • Southeast Asia
  • Africa
  • Oceania
  • Arctic Circle

Website (in Japanese)

About the Project

Project term: April, 2015–March, 2018

This joint research project constitutes the fourth term and also the summery of the previous joint research projects of ILCAA, titled “Human Society in Evolutionary Perspective,” which ran a series of three terms on the themes of “ Groups” (the 1st term: 2005– 2008), “Institutions” (the 2nd term: 2009–2011), and “Otherness” (the 3rd term: 2012–2014). The main theme of this project is “Existence,” which closely examines extreme situations and/or conditions as part of the environment for existence. That is, we pursue certain extreme situations and/or conditions of the existence environment, and approach the human innate “sociality” using the following three academic fields: primate sociology/ecology, ecological anthropology, and social/cultural anthropology. Substantial related phenomena are presumed: the destruction/the protection of the environment/ecosystem, biological diversity, endangered, lifetime, life and/or death, bioethics, limited community, etc.

Kaori KAWAI, Project Coordinator (ILCAA)



  • Kaori KAWAI (ILCAA)


  • Ikuya TOKORO
  • Ryoko NISHII

Joint Researchers

  • Kaoru ADACHI
  • Takeo FUNABIKI
  • Shun’kichi HANAMURA
  • Noriko ITOH
  • Naoki KASUGA
  • Suehisa KURODA
  • Naofumi NAKAGAWA
  • Michio NAKAMURA
  • Hitonaru NISHIE
  • Keiichi OMURA
  • Toru SOGA
  • David S. SPRAGUE
  • Masakazu TANAKA
  • Hideaki TERASHIMA
  • Motomitsu UCHIBORI



The 8th meeting

  • Date/Time: Sat 17 Mar 2018 13:00–19:30,Sun 18 Mar 2018 9:30–17:30
  • Venue: Room 306, ILCAA
  • All members
    Editorial meeting for the fruit book (collected papers) of the project.

The 7th meeting Report (Japanese)(554KBKB)

  • Date/Time: Sat 11 Nov 2017 13:00–19:00,Sun 12 Nov 2017 10:00–17:45
  • Venue: Kyoto University (Faculty of Science)
  • Jointly sponsored by ILCAA Joint Research Project “Human Society in Evolutionary Perspectives (4)” and Grant-In-Aid for Scientific Research (C) (Principal Investigator: Kaori KAWAI (ILCAA) #15K03034)
  • 11 Nov
  • Yuji TAKENOSHITA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Chubu Gakuin University)
    “The Anthropocene as an extreme of human evolution”
    Ryoko NISHII (ILCAA)
    “The Environment of lives: centering around the dead,spirits and radiation”
    Ikuya TOKORO (ILCAA)
    “A Preriminaly Study on Environment and Survival under Harzard Situation: Cases from Conflicts in Southern Philippines and Fukushima Nuclear Disaster”
  • 12 Nov
  • Shun’kichi HANAMURA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kyoto University)
    “The extreme of co-presence in chimpanzee society: focusing on behaviors of newly immigrated females”
    All members
    Business Meeting

The 6th meeting

  • Date/Time: Sat 22 Jul 2017 13:00–19:50, Sun 23 Jul 2017 9:30–16:00
  • Venue: Room 306, ILCAA
  • 22 Jul
  • Yuko SUGIYAMA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Hirosaki University)
    Changing food habit and a forming of food processing groups (tentative title).
    Hitonaru NISHIE (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kyoto University)
    Solitariness as an extreme point of sociality: How does a wild chimpanzee live alone?
  • 23 Jul
  • Shun’kichi HANAMURA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kyoto University)
    The extreme of co-presence: existence and environment of newly-immigrated females in chimpanzees (tentative title).
    Takeo FANABIKI (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo)
    Humanwork Robot: Ultimate of Bipedal Upright and walking in Japanese Classical Performing Arts.
    Gen YAMAKOSHI (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kyoto University)
    Are chimpanzees weed species?: Coexistence with humans in agricultural landscapes in West Africa.
    All members
    Business Meeting

The 5th meeting Report (Japanese)(375KB)

  • Date/Time: Sat 4 Mar 2017 13:00–19:40, Sun 5 Mar 2017 9:30–16:00
  • Venue: Room 306, ILCAA
  • 4 Mar
  • Noriko ITOH (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kyoto University)
    “Existence of chimpanzees and changing environment”
    Toru SOGA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Hirosaki University)
    “Looking Away from the Risks under the Extreme Situation”
    Michio NAKAMURA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kyoto University)
    “On existence of orphan chimpanzees: Is “absence of the mother” an extreme social environment?”
  • 5 Mar
  • Naofumi NAKAGAWA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kyoto University)
    “Extreme environments where primates can manage to maintain cohesiveness of a group”
    Kaori KAWAI (ILCAA)
    “Rethinking on pastoralists’ nomadism: The interaction between people and various kinds of environment”
    All members
    Business Meeting

The 4th meeting Report (Japanese)(292KB)

  • Date/Time: Sat 30 Jul 2016 13:00–19:00, Sun 31 Jul 2016 9:00–15:30
  • Venue: Seifuso Villa, Kyoto University
  • 30 Jul
  • David S. SPRAGUE (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO)
    “The Death Rate: Interpretations of Mortality in Life History Theory and Ecology”
    Naoki KASUGA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Hitotsubashi University)
    “Some considerations on family and alliance.”
  • 31 Jul
  • Masakazu TANAKA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kyoto University)
    “On Guides/Educators of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, who Live with Traumatic Experiences of Holocaust Survivors.”
    Koji KITAMURA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Okayama University)
    ”The two-layered selections by social systems of interactions”

The 3rd meeting Report (Japanese)(382KB)

  • Date/Time: Sun 21 Feb 2016 9:30–19:30
  • Venue: Room 306 (Multimedia Seminar Room), ILCAA
  • Suehisa KURODA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, The University of Shiga Prefecture)
    “Apes’ Horticulture”
    Hideaki TERASHIMA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kobe Gakuin University)
    “Encounters for evolution in extreme conditions: How humans have encountered non-human beings in their evolutionary course?”
    Keiichi OMURA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Osaka University)
    “Terror and Bewitchment of Annihilation:The Drive for Human Sociality in Inuit Subsistence System.”

The 2nd meeting Report (Japanese)(409KB)

  • Date/Time: Sat 14 Nov2015 13:00–19:45, Sun 15 Nov 2015 9:00–12:30
  • Venue: Room 306, ILCAA
  • 14 Nov
  • Motomitsu UCHIBORI (ILCAA Joint Researcher, The Open University of Japan)
    “The Life History of a Community: from the Past to the Future”
    Kaoru ADACHI (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kyoto Sangyo University)
    “Understanding social evolution by observing interspecific relationship”
  • 15 Nov
  • Shin’ichi FUJII (Osaka University)
    “Violence and Potential for Peace in Solomon Islands: The Survival Strategy under the Ethnic Conflict.”

The 1st meeting Report (Japanese)(317KB)

  • Date/Time: Sun 28 Jun 2015 13:00–19:00
  • Venue: Room 306 (Multimedia Seminar Room), ILCAA
  • Kaori KAWAI (ILCAA)
    Purpose of the joint-project
    All members
    Yuji TAKENOSHITA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Chubu Gakuin University)
    The topics from three academic fields 1: Primatology
    Yuko SUGIYAMA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Hirosaki University)
    The topics from three academic fields 2: Anthropology
    Naoki KASUGA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Hitotsubashi University)
    The topics from three academic fields 3: Social/cultural Anthroporogy

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