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Upcoming Events

Some events marked as "open" are open to the general public.

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Date/TimeEvent TitleDetailsVenue
Sat 21 Apr 2018
Role of formulaic expressions in grammar and language use
  • 14:00–14:10 Hiroki ISHIKAWA (ILCAA) Opening Speech
  • 14:10–14:50 Makoto SHIBATA (Niigata Agro-Food University) “Egypt is the Gift of Nile: Special Features of the Nilo-Ethiopian Region from the Perspective of Soil Science”
  • 14:50–15:30 Yasuaki SATO (Osaka Sangyo University) “Food and Agriculture in the Great Lakes Region of East Africa: A History of Banana and People in Uganda”
  • 15:45–16:25 Takeshi FUJIMOTO (University of Toyama) “Food and Agriculture in Ethiopia: With Special Reference to its Unique Crops and their Fermented Foods”
  • 16:25–16:45 Hiroki ISHIKAWA (ILCAA) Comment
  • 16:55–17:55 Discussion
  • 17:55–18:00 Hiroki ISHIKAWA (ILCAA) Closing Remarks
  • Language: Japanese
  • Admission: Free
Jointly Sponsored by
ILCAA, Japan Association for Nilo-Ethiopian Studeis (JANES), ASC-TUFS
Prometheus Hall, AGORA Global, TUFS
Mon 23 Apr 2018
– Fri 25 May 2018
(Closed: Saturday, Sunday, & Holiday)
Exbition “Islam, Religion of Unity by Prayer: History of Islam and Religious Life in Western”

Islam has a large presence in North Africa and in numerous regions in sub-Saharan Africa. It is also widely practiced in the eastern and western regions of Ethiopia,situated in the northeast of sub-Saharan Africa and famous for its ancient Christianity. The Kingdom of Jimma, founded by the Oromo in the early 19th century, played an important role in the Islamization in western Ethiopia. ILCAA has obtained an Islamic prayer book which J.Borelli, a French explorer who visited Jimma region in the latter half of the 1880s, brought back from the kingdom. This exhibition focuses on the history of Islamization in western Ethiopia and religious life of Muslims in this region by exhibiting the above mentioned Islamic prayer book and other valuable books, explanation panels,photos, and movies.

  • Language: Japanese
  • Admission: Free
Jointly Sponsored by
ILCAA, ASC-TUFS, & Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research “Historiographical Study of Islamization in Ethiopia: Based on Research and Analysis of Arabic Manuscripts” (Principal Investigator: Minako ISHIHARA (Nanzan University), Research Project Number: 17H04528)
Sat 28 Apr 2018
Politics over the Debt: Examples from Southeast Asia, Oceania and Africa
  • 14:00 Arihiro MINOO (Toyo University) “Opening Remarks: Politics over the Debt”
  • 14:15 Miki IKOMA (ILCAA Junior Fellow) “The Debt and Relationship of Tea Producers: A Case Study on Tea Production in Myanmar”
    Keiichiro MATSUMURA (Okayama University) Comment
  • 15:00 Masaharu KAWANO (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) “Debt and Prestige: Feasting and Politics of Chieftainship in Contemporary Pohnpei Society , Micronesia”
    Jyuntaro FUKADA (Mie Univesity) Comment
  • 16:00 Yutaka SAKUMA (ILCAA) “Possession of the debt non-repayable: An experience in Niger”
    Osamu NAKAGAWA (Rikkyo University) Comment
  • 16:45 Discussion
  • Language: Japanese
  • Admission: Free
  • No pre-registration is needed
Jointly sponsored by
Core resarch project “The Potential Value of Indigenous Knowledge in Managing Hazards in Asia and Africa: The Anthropological Explorations into the Linkage of Micro-Macro Perspectives 2”, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Principal Investigator: Ryoko NISHII (ILCAA) Research Project Number:17H00948)
Sat 28 Apr 2018
Lecture of Dr. Setrag Manoukian
  • Setrag Manoukian “Poetry as impersonal expression: the relationship between poetry and life in contemporary Iran”
  • Language: English
Jointly sponsored by
Middle East and Islamic Studies, Center for Modern Middle East Studies at Minpaku
Hongo Satellite Room 301

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