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Upcoming Events

Some events marked as "open" are open to the general public.

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Date/TimeEvent TitleDetailsVenue
4 June 2016 (Sat.)
- 5 June 2016 (Sun.)
The 7th meeting, ILCAA Joint Research Project “The Society in Dunhuang based on the studies of multilingual sources newly discovered”

4 June

  1. Dai MATSUI (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Osaka University) and Shintaro ARAKAWA (ILCAA) “On the joint-research project”
  2. Dai MATSUI (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Osaka University) “Uigur Buddhist Pilgrims and Their Pilgrimages in Dunhuang”
  3. Meishi YAMAMOTO (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Osaka International University) “Pilgrims in Dunhuang during Yuan Period: An analysis of Chinese Inscriptions”
  4. Takayasu SATO (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Morioka University) “Research on Chinese wall inscriptions in the Mogao and Yulin Caves written in the Xixia period”

5 June

  1. Shintaro ARAKAWA (ILCAA) “Fieldwork on the Tangut inscriptions in Dunhuang, 2015.12”
  2. discussion for the products from this project
  3. Scheduling and discussion for 2016 year
2F Main Bld. (Let.Law.Econ.), Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University
4 June 2016 (Sat.)
- 5 June 2016 (Sun.)
The 4th meeting, ILCAA Joint Research Project “The case-marking systems in Ryukyuan: a typological survey”

4 June

  1. Michinori SHIMOJI (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kyushu University) Introduction
  2. Natsuko NAKAGAWA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Chiba University) ”Shiraho Yaeyama”
  3. Yuka HAYASHI (Osaka University /JSPS Research Fellow) ”Ikema Miyako”
  4. Interim discussion

5 June

  1. Yuto NIINAGA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Seijo University) ”Kudaka Okinawa”
  2. Nana TOHYAMA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, University of the Ryukyus) ”Shuri Okinawa”
  3. Discussion
  • Language: Japanese
  • Admission: Free
  • No registration is required.
10 June 2016 (Fri.)
11 June 2016 (Sat.)
12 June 2016 (Sun.)
The 23rd Annual Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA 23)
Jointly sponsored by
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Principal Investigator: Hiroki NOMOTO (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) Research Project Number:26770135) and Linguistic Dynamics Science Project (LingDy3)
11 June 2016 (Sat.)
- 12 June 2016 (Sun.)
The 8th meeting, ILCAA Joint Research Project “Anthropological Study of Things(2) (Dynamics of Human/Non-human things)”

11 June

  • 1. Naoki KASUGA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Hitotsubashi University) “Between Two Truths: Time in Fiji and Physics .”
  • 2. Ryoko NISHII (ILCAA) “'Tangled hair’ as a cardinal point of ethnographic descriptionーfrom hippies to dakwa activists”
  • 3. Suehisa KURODA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, The University of Shiga Prefecture) “How A Farmers’ Blacksmith Hammered Iron : Circulating forgings indicated the soil, woods and personality”

12 June

  • 1. Kaori FUSHIKI (Taisho University) “Topology of the Puppet Theatre Potehi”
  • 2. Tomoko NIWA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, National Institutes for the Humanities) “Chinese Paper Crafts in Huangtu Plateau: the Power of Objects that Connect the Living world (Yang JIan) and The ‘Other’ World (Yin Jian)(tentative)”
17 June 2016 (Fri.)
Field Science Colloquium: Fieldwork and Disasters
  • 14:00-14:05 Opening address: Ikuya TOKORO (ILCAA)
  • 14:05-14:40 1. Shuhei KIMURA (University of Tsukuba) “Anthropological fieldwork in disaster conditions: salvation, collaboration, and action”
  • 14:40-15:15 2. Hiromu SHIMIZU (Kyoto University) “A long and winding road from fieldwork to ethnography: what can (or can’t) anthropology do for disaster mitigation and rehabilitation?”
  • 15:15-15:50 3. Ryoji SODA (Osaka City University) “Disaster studies and geography”
  • 15:50-16:00 Coffee break
  • 16:00-17:00 Comment: Masahiko TOGAWA (ILCAA), Yutaka SUGA(University of Tokyo), Takanori OISHI (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) + Discussion
  • Language: Japanese
  • Admission: Free
  • For more details, please see here. (in Japanese.)
  • Organized by
    Field Science Center
19 June 2016 (Sun.)
The 4th meeting, ILCAA Joint Research Project “New perspectives of text studies in Yunnan, China”
  • 1. Kazutaka NISHIKAWA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kokushikan University) “The Opium in Yunnan from the Late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China”
  • 2. Yoshiyuki AIHARA (Toyo Bunko, NIHU) “A brief introduction to forestry-related document research in southeastern Guizhou Qingshuijiang valley”
  • 3. Masashi NARA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Hokkaido University) “Islamic education and texts in Hui people”
  • 4. Discussion
9 July 2016 (Sat.)
Overseas Scientific Research Forum
  • 10:30-12:30 Workshop: Field Science as documentation: collect, measure and count
  • 1. Shuhei UDA (National Museum of Ethnology) “The Defining Concept and Understanding the Case. The study of Cormorant fishing, from China to Japan, and Macedonia.”
  • 2. Koutaro Ould MAENO (Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences) “The battle against the Desert Locust in Africa”
  • 12:30-12:35  Short Announcement about Festa: Poster Session on Overseas Scientific Research
  • 12:35-14:00 (Lunch break)
  • 14:00-14:30 General meeting *
  • 14:30-15:10 Questions and Answers of Grant Administration in Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research in three meeting places *
  • 15:10-17:10 Section meetings by research areas *
  • 17:30-19:30 Reception *
  • ※12:35-17:30 Festa: Poster Session on Overseas Scientific Research
  • * : Pre-registration is required.
  • Language: Japanese
  • For more details, please see here. (in Japanese)
Organized by

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