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Upcoming Events

Some events marked as "open" are open to the general public.

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Date/TimeEvent TitleDetailsVenue
30 March 2015 (Mon.)
The 7th meeting, ILCAA Joint Research Project “Study of Nationhood in Contemporary Africa: New Media, Globalization, and Democracy”
  1. Taku IIDA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, National Museum of Ethnology) “Five Years of Transitional Government in Madagascar”
  2. Sayaka OGAWA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Ritsumeikan University) “The Riots and Unionizations of East African Traders: The Rethinking of Informality”
  3. General Disucussion
Hongo Satellite 7F
7 April 2015 (Tue.)
Information Resources Center (IRC) International Workshop
  • 1. Jun’ichi ODA (ILCAA) “Explanation of the workshop and presentation of guest speaker”
  • 2. Marie-Anick GENCE (anthropology, l’Etablissement Public de Sante Mentale de La Reunion) “L’ile de La Reunion, terre australe de France complexe a l’harmonie ambigue”
  • Language: French (with Japanese consecutive interpretation)
  • Admission: Free
Organized by
Information Resources Center (IRC)
Jointly sponsored by
Core Project “The Anthropological Explorations into the Linkage of Micro-Macro Perspectives”
8 April 2015 (Wed.)
International workshop: Persian and Chinese Historiography in the Mongol Empire

International workshop: Persian and Chinese Historiography in the Mongol Empire

  • 1. Geoffrey HUMBLE (National Museum of Ethnology / University of Birmingham) “Rule and Regency in the Early Mongol Empire: Re-Reading Narratives of Toregene Khatun”
  • 2. Osamu OTSUKA (The University of Tokyo) “Abū al-Qāsim Qāshānī’s Zubdat al-Tawārīkh and the Historiography of the Late Ilkhanid Period.”
  • Language: English
  • Admission: Free
Organized by
Core Project “Human Mobility and Formation of Plural Societies in the Middle East and the Muslim World”
Hongo Satellite 4F

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