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ILCAA Joint Research Project

Formation of the Indic World: From the Perspective of Frontiers

Formation of the Indic World:From the Perspective of Frontiers


  • South Asia
  • Frontiers
  • Cultural contacts
  • Regional Identities


  • South Asia



About the Project

Project term: April, 2019–March, 2022

This research project aims to investigate various phenomena of cultural contacts and acculturations that occurred in the frontiers of South Asia, including Bengal, Assam, Nepal, Trans-Himalaya, Kashmir, East Afghanistan, Sind, and South India, from the ancient period to the modern period. The focus is on cultural encounters of transregional Sanskrit and Persianate cultures and local cultures in various frontiers. Through a comparative study on cases of frontier areas, this project attempts to verify the possibility of combining the separate regional identities in each frontier and their development into the sense of belonging to “the Indic World.”

Satoshi OGURA, Project Coordinator
(Assistant Professor, ILCAA)



  • Satoshi OGURA (ILCAA)


  • Nobuaki KONDO
  • Masahiko TOGAWA
  • Nobuhiro OTA

Joint Researchers

  • Diwakar ACHARAYA
  • Ryosuke FURUI
  • Minoru INABA
  • Ryosuke KOBAYASHI
  • Ryouichi MIYAMOTO
  • Kiyokazu OKITA
  • Jae-Eun SHIN
  • Toru TAK
  • Masato TORIYA
  • Yuko YOKOCHI
  • Chizuko YOSHIMIZU



The 1st meeting

  • Date/Time: Thu 26 Sep 2019 14:00–18:30
  • Venue: Hongo Satellite 8F
  • Language: English, Japanese
  • 26 Sep
  • 1. Satoshi OGURA (ILCAA)
    2. Ryoichi MIYAMOTO (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kyoto University)
    “From the Kushans to the Hephthalites: the movements of Human Groups from Central Asia to South Asia”

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