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ILCAA Joint Research Project

A Study of Variability in Deictic Expressions (jrp000176)




  • extensive areas



About the Project

Project term: April, 2010 - March, 2012

Summary of the project:



  • Tooru HAYASI (The University of Tokyo)


  • Toshihide NAKAYAMA (Sub-coordinator)

Joint Researchers

  • Hideki KIMURA
  • Yasuhiro ICHIDA
  • Yoshiki NISHIMURA
  • Yukinori TAKUBO



The 5th meeting

  • International Workshop on Deixis and Spatial Expressions in Indonesian Languages
  • Date/Time:22 July 2011 (Fri.) 9:45-17:15, 23 July 2011 (Sat.) 9:15-17:15
  • Venue:National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka
  • Language: English
  • Organized by Linguistic Dynamics Science Project (LingDy)
  • Jointly sponsored by National Museum of Ethnology
  • 22, July
  • Opening talk
    “A Tripartite Structure for Demonstrative Pronouns”
    Novi DJENAR
    “This and That in Indonesian”
    Bambang Kaswanti PURWO
    “The Indonesian Sampai: from Space to the Deictics (of Time and Person) and to the Pragmatics (of Precipitation)”
    Alexander ADELAAR
    “Deictics and the morphological expression of location and direction in Siraya”
    John BOWDEN
    “Deixis in Taba”
    Atsuko UTSUMI
    “Deixis and Spatial Reference in Bantik”
    Kazuya INAGAKI
    “The system of spatial reference in Kadorih”
  • 23, July
  • Asako SHIOHARA
    “Deixis in Sumbawa”
    Anthony JUKES
    “Deixis and Spatial Reference in Makassarese”
    Antonia SORIENTE
    “Deixis in Kenyah and Punan languages of Borneo”
    Connie de VOS
    “Spatial and non-spatial deixis in Kata Kolok: pointing out differences”
    Daniel KAUFMAN
    “Deictic agreement in Mamuju and beyond”
    I Wayan ARKA
    “Paradigm Classes and Deixis in Marori”
    Michaeil EWING
    “The pragmatic uses of demonstratives in Javanese conversation”

The 4th meeting

  • Date/Time:26 June 2011 (Sun.) 13:30-18:00
  • Venue:Room 303 (Large Conference Room), ILCAA
  • Yukinori TAKUBO (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kyoto University)
    “On the deictic ‘so’ in Japanese”

The 3rd meeting

  • Date/Time:23 October 2010 (Sat.) 13:30-18:00
  • Venue:Room 301 (Seminar Room), ILCAA
  • Hideki KIMURA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, University of Tokyo)
    “What it means to exist: the case of existential sentences in Chinese, with special reference to (in)definiteness”
    Report (191KB)
    Norikazu KOGURA (ILCAA Researcher)
    “The aspectual choice and the presence of addressee in Sibe Manchu”
    Report (252KB)

The 2nd meeting

  • Date/Time:25 July 2010 (Sun.) 13:30-18:00
  • Venue:Room 301 (Seminar Room), ILCAA
  • Toshihide NAKAYAMA (ILCAA)
    “Inverse in Nootka” (The outline of the lecture will be announced soon.)
    Hiroaki KOGA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Keio University)
    “On the linguistic encoding of motion events in Japanese: From a typological perspective”

    (The aim of this presentation is twofold. First, on the basis of parallel corpus data, we systematically compare self-agentive and non-agentive motion expressions in Japanese, English, German, and Russian and elucidate variations both across and within verb-framed/satellite-framed language types. Second, we probe into the ways in which diectic information is expressed in caused-motion (agentive-motion) expressions in Japanese. While deitic path information is frequently included in self-agentive and non-agentive motion expressions in Japanese, it is largely restricted to accompanied motion (e.g., mot-te iku/kuru) in caused-motion expressions. We show that this restriction is compensated for by direct/inverse voice constructions in Japanese.)

The 1st meeting: Report (Japanese)(83KB)

  • Date/Time:15 May 2010 (Sun.) 14:00-18:00
  • Venue:Room 301 (Seminar Room), ILCAA
  • Yoshiki NISHIMURA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, University of Tokyo)

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