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新任スタッフ紹介 35

My Research into Mongolian Language and Dialects

Ochirbat Sambuudorj

I am a professor and head of the Linguistic Department of Institute of Language and Literature of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences. I graduated from the Ulaanbaatar Pedagogical College and Mongolian National University. I have worked as a researcher since 1987 and in 1997 obtained my PhD at the Institute with a dissertation on “The Phonemic System of the Oirat Dialect in Modern Mongolian”. My research fields are Mongolian dialects, Mongolian written languages, phonemic systems, lexicology and sociolinguistics.

I am grateful to have been awarded a Visiting professor posting to the Research Institute for Language and Literature of Asia and Africa (ILCAA) Joint Research Project entitled “Cross-Linguistic Research on ‘Verbals’” headed by Associate Professor Yasuhiro Yamakoshi and at the invitation of Professor Tokusu Kurebito. The main aim of my research is to circumstantiate systems of verbal suffixes -in other words, exploring how to build V – N, V – V syntagma in the written language of Oirat clear script which has been used by Oirat Mongols since 1648, and in the Oirat dialect. It is important to thoroughly study traditional dialects of Mongolian languages so as to conceptualize the development and evolution of that language system. However, it is equally critical to conduct this dialect research quickly and efficiently, as Mongolian dialects depend on modern media communication systems and the influence of the dominant dialect used by written language means that the linguistic systems in Mongolia are rapidly changing.

Several years ago, I taught Mongolian at Osaka University of Foreign Studies; my experiences there were immensely rewarding, and they will be extremely useful in preparing me for this next phase of my academic career as a visiting professor. I am thankful for my earlier opportunities as a scholar abroad, and to all my colleagues and co-workers for their help and generosity. I look forward to contributing to the academic culture and research project at the ILCAA.

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