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Past Core Project: The Anthropological Explorations into the Linkage of Micro-Macro Perspectives


Term: 2010.4–2015.3
Leader: Ryoko NISHII
Member: Jun’ichi ODA(2010.4~2013.3), Kaori KAWAI, Wakana SHIINO, Hideo FUKAZAWA, Jun TAKASHIMA, Hitoshi TAKACHIO(2010.4~2012.3), Koji TSUDA(2010.4~2012.3), Ikuya TOKORO, Aiko NISHIKIDA(2010.4~2012.3), Yuko MIO, Hirohide KURIHARA(2013.4~), Ichiro MAJIMA(2012.4~)


Most of field researches in cultural/social anthropology until 1970’s were carried out in relatively small and isolated communities. In recent years, however, anthropological themes on macro perspective vary from nation states and "the modern world system" to globalism/ transnationalism. On the other hand, another subjects on micro perspective such as habitus, affordances, tacit knowledge, intercorporality and so on which are focused upon an individual's body are more and more prevalent. Under these theoretical backgrounds, we think that anthropologists must attempt to construct a new anthropological perspective which will be able to sublate the profound dichotomy between individual and society, structure and agency. Therefore the main subject of our anthropological core project aims to graft and integrate the macro perspective theory and the micro perspective theory, or to explorate the linkage of micro-macro perspectives.

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