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Pluralistic World Understanding based on African Studies


Term: 2010.4〜2015.3
Leader: Hideo FUKAZAWA
Member: Hiroki ISHIKAWA, Kaori KAWAI(2010.4-2014.3), Wakana SHIINO, Ichiro MAJIMA(2010.4-2014.3), Kota KARIYA(2013.4~)


Historians and anthropologists at ILCAA are trying to grapple with contemporary problems on the African Continent by placing their research within the framework of a longer historical perspective. Research in this core research project is organized so as to promote a pluralistic understanding of the world. The topics include: colonial experiences and social change, migration of people and interrelationship of the groups, women and gender in the societies, etc. The research in the program sets out to question the structure of the modern world itself, in order to enhance our understanding of the historical background to such important current issues in African countries as conflict and refugees, political autocracy, social discrimination, etc. as well as to contribute to the fundamental solution of these problems.

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