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Institute-wide Research Program: Establishment of a New Cooperative Research System for Solving Contemporary Problems in Asia and Africa (Academic Years: 2016 to 2021)

This project is to establish a new research system to respond to the contemporary issues in Asia and Africa that have rapidly become more complicated and serious. This research system is designed to advance research activity of the Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, by coodinating the inter-connection of its traditional discipline-based research projects. That inter-connection is expected to cause great strides in research contents, and also to lay foundation for cooperative relation among whole institute members, to work with domestic and international research organizations and local communities.

  1. Inter-connection of the three major fields in ILCAA—linguistics, cultural anthropology, and area studies—with a common understanding that the present crises consist in the issues of minorities and the weak: joint meetings will be held to promote further development in research.
  2. Feed-back and construction of a new research system: the fruits of inter-connected research will be reflected in our international core research programs, namely “Linguistic Dynamics Science 3,” “The Potential Value of Indigenous Knowledge in Managing Hazards in Asia and Africa,” and “Political, Social and Cultural Polarization and its Backgrounds in the Middle East and the Muslim World”. Each of the three study fields of ILCAA takes initiative to carry out their core research program, cooperating with domestic and international research organizations and local levels of core research and the inter-connected research project is expected to construct a new research system.
  3. Contribution of research results: the reserach findings acquired through the above project cycle are to be revealed in public on an international level, and we will work to cultivate the next generation of reserachers.

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