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How to use ILCAA

ILCAA is an international research center that offers various services to academic communities worldwide. The services that are available to international scholars are summarized below. For details, please follow the links. (The following is a list of services that are most relevant to researchers outside of Japan.)

Visiting Scholars:

ILCAA accepts visiting scholars and fellows to conduct joint research projects in cooperation with the Research Staff. For details, please see Visiting Scholars and Fellows.

Research resources:

ILCAA’s unique collection of rare books and other materials is available at ILCAA Library.

Various dictionaries and databases are available on-line.

Collaborative research projects:

ILCAA’s Joint Research Projects accept scholars from abroad to carry out research. For details, please see Joint Research Projects.

If you would like to “salvage” valuable data (old audio and/or video recordings, field notes, or documents), ILCAA’s Information Resources Center (IRC) can assist you in digitization and editing. For details, please see Information Resources Center (IRC).

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