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Information Resources Center (IRC)

Contact TEL: +81-(0)42-330-5634 / email: ilcadj1[at]
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Information Resources Center (IRC) is a center within ILCAA to serve and assist the academic community both within Japan and abroad; it is committed to collecting, compiling, storing, and disseminating information resources related to the languages and cultures of Asia and Africa.

1. Activities

IRC conducts its activities in keeping with the following three principles:

I. Publication and dissemination of materials on the languages and cultures of Asia and Africa, and the results of joint research projects
Fundamental to the work of the IRC are the compiling, editing, and digitizing of research materials. Such materials include ILCAA's large collection of brochures, posters, photographs, 8-mm films, and video tapes that contain linguistic and/or cultural information on Asia and Africa. The results of joint research projects at ILCAA are also prepared at IRC for wider dissemination. IRC also assists in editing and disseminating linguistic and cultural material that is in the possession of researchers outside the Institute.

II. Developing international inter-university studies
IRC is committed to promoting international research through sharing resources, such as databases, electronic dictionaries, digital visual-libraries, and through assisting researchers to conduct projects to create such resources.

III. Developing methodology for digitizing research resources and results
IRC aims to develop methodologies for various digitizing techniques, which include coded character sets, multiple-language processing, collation in multiple-script environments, and typesetting and page-description.

Many of the results of the activities at IRC are listed as On-Line Resources for use by scholars and the public.

IRC also holds "IRC Workshops" as part of its reporting activity on on-going projects and their results.

3. Successive Heads

(Academic Year)
2023-presentHonoré WATANABE
2021-2022Yoichi TAKAMATSU
2019-2020Honoré WATANABE
2017-2018Izumi HOSHI
2013-2016Toshihide NAKAYAMA
2011-2012Yoko NAGAHARA
2009-2010Yuko MIO
2007-2008Hirohide KURIHARA
2004-2006Makoto MINEGISHI
2003Motomitsu UCHIBORI
1999-2002Kazuhiko MACHIDA
1997-1998Setsuho IKEHATA

4. Members of the Center

Shintaro ARAKAWA, Mayumi ADACHI, Satoshi OGURA, Hideo SAWADA, Asako SHIOHARA, Norikazu KOGURA, Yoichi TAKAMATSU, Yasuhiro YAMAKOSHI (ILCAA Research Staff); Suzushi HAYATA (Research Fellow)

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