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TUFS Field Science Commons Preparatory Office

The TUFS Field Science Commons (TUFiSCo) will be established in October 2022 to promote The ILCAA All Institutional Project "Elucidating Polarization and Coexisting in Transcultural Situations: Building a Platform for “Sharing” and “Dialogue” of Humanities Knowledge Created with People from Asia and Africa". The TUFiSCo Preparatory Office within ILCAA is currently preparing for the project's launch.

TUFiSCo will function as the core of collaboration between the Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA), various organizations of TUFS, and international and domestic institutions within the framework of the above project, focusing on the following three activities.

(1) Pioneering field science methods and sharing the results with society.

(2) Promoting the use of digital resources, which ILCAA has been constructing and releasing since the 1990s, for research, and pursuing new possibilities for Asian and African studies through digital humanities.

(3) Leading in establishing policies and guidelines for the management and utilization of academic data obtained through research by TUFS.

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