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Field Science Center (FSC)

Contact TEL: +81-(0)42-330-5665, 5618 / email: fsc_office[at]
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1. Purpose

In 2004, the center was tentatively established as a preparatory section within ILCAA. Then, since April 2005, FSC has officially started its activities. The original purpose of FSC is to establish ‘field science’ as a discipline by developing methods of field research in humanities, social and natural sciences. It also serves as a center for systematic accumulation of records of field research conducted by Japanese scholars and for enhanced collaboration and communication between them.

2. Planned Activities

The center has the following two foci of activity.

  1. Development of theory and practical methods of field sciences
    For this purpose, seminars named as Field Science Colloquium are regularly held to discuss about various aspects of the field sciences. The Fieldnet is an online network of field researchers to exchange ideas and information concerning fieldworks.
  2. Establishing and managing overseas offices: Japan Center for Middle Eastern Studies (JaCMES) in Lebanon and Kota Kinabalu Liaison Office in Malaysia

3. Successive Heads

(Academic Year)
2021-presentIkuya TOKORO
2019-2020Yoichi TAKAMATSU
2017-2018Nobuaki KONDO
2015-2016Ikuya TOKORO
2013-2014Ichiro MAJIMA
2011-2012Ryoko NISHII
2009-2010Masato IIZUKA
2005-2008Hidemitsu KUROKI
2004Motomitsu UCHIBORI (as a head of a preparatory section)

Member of the Center

Nobuaki KONDO, Tokusu KUREBITO, Hidemitsu KUROKI, Nobuhiro OTA, Masahiko TOGAWA, Daisuke SHINAGAWA, Yukako YOSHIDA, Aya KAWAI, Emi GOTO

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