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Research Fellows (Visiting Researchers)

“Research Fellows (Visiting Researchers)” are non-salaried fixed-term research positions for senior researchers to engage in collaborative research at ILCAA with the research staff.

UMEKAWA, Michihisa
  • Japan
  • UMEKAWA, Michihisa
  • Quantitative method for the social hierarchical analysis in Mainland Southeast Asia
  • 01-09-2015/31-08-2018
  • Japan
  • OKAZAKI, Akira
  • Social anthropological studies of African popular art
  • 01-04-2015/31-03-2018
OKUDA, Osami
  • Japan
  • OKUDA, Osami
  • Preparation of Ainu language archives and descriptive study of Ainu language
  • 01-04-2016/31-03-2019
  • Japan
  • OSHIKAWA, Fumiko
  • Social transformation in contemporary India
  • 01-04-2015/31-03-2018
KAWAKAMI, Yasunori
  • Japan
  • KAWAKAMI, Yasunori
  • Historical changes of political and social consciousness of Palestinian refugees in Beirut
  • 01-01-2015/31-12-2017
  • Japan
  • KIMATA, Mikio
  • Comparative Study on Religious Envirnment and Ecologism
  • 01-04-2017/31-03-2020
KOYA, Nobuko
  • Japan
  • KOYA, Nobuko
  • Anthropological study of social role and potential of folk medicine in Thailand
  • 01-05-2014/30-04-2017
SATO, Kumiko
  • Japan
  • SATO, Kumiko
  • Research on the intonation systems in Turkish and Japanese dialects: interface between phonology and syntax/semantics
  • 01-04-2016/31-03-2019
SHIMIZU, Akitoshi
  • Japan
  • SHIMIZU, Akitoshi
  • Development of cultural anthropology as an academic discipline in Japan
  • 05-11-2015/04-11-2018
SHINTANI, Tadahiko L.A.
  • Japan
  • SHINTANI, Tadahiko L.A.
  • Linguistics and cultural approach to the history of minority peoples in the Tay Cultural Area
  • 01-04-2016/31-03-2018
Abdulaximu Dushannali
  • Japan
  • Abdulaximu Dushannali
  • Socialism in the Age of Empire: The Japanese Left and the Russian Revolution (1905-1925)
  • 27-12-2017/27-12-2020
NAKAMI, Tatsuo
  • Japan
  • NAKAMI, Tatsuo
  • Research on the population in Inner Asia of 19-20th centuries.
  • 01-04-2017/31-03-2020
  • Japan
  • FUKUSHIMA, Yasuhiro
  • Islamic characteristics of Islamic finance in Malaysia
  • 01-05-2014/30-04-2017
HOSOYA, Sachiko
  • Japan
  • HOSOYA, Sachiko
  • Selective abortion and disability rights in Iran
  • 01-04-2016/31-03-2019
  • Japan
  • MIYAZAKI, Koji
  • Javanese Recognition of Time and Space-An Analysis of calendar and myth-
  • 01-04-2017/31-03-2020

Ex. Research Fellows (Visiting Researchers)


  • SATO, Hirokazu [Japan] Research on dynamics of supra-segmental characteristics in Japanese and Southeast Asian languages
  • KATO, Hiroshi [Japan] Transformation of Egyptian society in modern times
  • KIMATA, Mikio [Japan] The origin and development process of millet cultural complex in Indian subcontinent
  • KURIBAYASHI, Hitoshi [Japan] A study of the method of digitized dictionaries of traditional Mongolian and Manchu
  • OSOEGAWA, Taku [Japan] Development of contemporary Lebanese-Syrian relations
  • KANG, Youngsuk [Korea] Description and theoretical study of accent in Korean dialects


  • WU, Tien-Tai [Taiwan] Studies on Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan in the Contemporary Japan
  • Deng Yingwen [China] Japan-Southeast Asia Relations in the Cold War Era
  • KOYA, Nobuko [Japan] Changing position and practices of the folk healer in pluralistic medical system in Thailand
  • TAMURA, Suzuko [Japan] Contemporary issues in the field research and descriptive study of Ainu and other endangered languages
  • Anthony Jukes [Australia] Linguistics
  • Antonia Soriente [Italia] Linguistics
  • John Bowden [Australia] Linguistics
  • TAKAGI, Ryo [Japan] Anthropological Study of Interaction in Thailand
  • Yanti [Indonesia] Linguistics


  • NAKATANI, Hideaki [Japan] Generalized Science of Humanity
  • BAO, Lianqun [China] Linguistics
  • KURIBAYASHI, Hitoshi [Japan] Mongolian philology
  • DIAH SYAFITRI HANDAYANI [Indonesia] Contrastive linguistics (Indonesian and Japanese)
  • CHIUNG, Wivun [Taiwan] Migration and Indigenization: From Chinese Minh Huong People to Vietnamese Missionary Scripts and Romanization Movement in Vietnam and Taiwan
  • SHINE, Toshihiko [Japan] International study
  • SUZUKI, Emi [Japan] Political history of modern and contemporary Egypt, Area studies (Middle East)


  • NAKATA, Ko [Japan] Islamic Studies
  • IWAKABE, Yoshimitsu [Japan] History
  • SUGAWARA, Jun [Japan]
  • TAKAKURA Hiroki [Japan] Social Anthropology
  • YILMAZ, Serdar [Turkey] Japanese Language Education
  • Susan ASILI [Iran] History of Qajar Iran
  • Christopher I. Beckwith [America] Historical and linguistic Studies on Ancient East Asia and Central Eurasia


  • Ookhnoi BATSAIKHAN [Mongol] Modern History of Mongolia and International Relations in Modern East
  • POTANINA, Olga [Russia] Linguistics
  • FILCHENKO, Andrey [Russia] Linguistics


  • NAKAYAMA, Kazuyoshi [Japan] Social Anthropology


  • Tirtosudarmo Riwanto [Indonesia] Social Demography
  • Anthony Jukes [British] Linguistics
  • MAMIYA, Kensaku [Japan] Linguistics
  • Baldev B. Matlani [India] Sindhi Medieval Literature & Criticism
  • 図門吉日嘎拉 [China] Linguistics
  • USUKI, Akira [Japan] Middle-Eastern Area Studies
  • 扎 布 [China] Literature
  • Christopher I. Beckwith [USA] History, Languages and Cultures in Central Eurasia and East Asia
  • Tashiro Perez, Eliza Atsuko [Brazil] Linguistics
  • Coelho, Olga Ferreira [Brazil] Linguistics


  • SHINE, Toshihiko [Japan] History
  • 金 少萍 [China] Anthropology
  • エルデムト [China] History
  • TANGIKU, Itsuji [Japan] Linguistics/Anthropology
  • NAKAYAMA, Kazutoshi [Japan] Anthropology
  • JATINDER PAL SINGH JOLLY [India] Literature
  • KAEADOKO, Mutsumi [Japan] Archeology
  • SHIMIZU, Akitoshi [Japan] Anthropology
  • OSOEGAWA, Taku [Japan] Politics
  • 図門吉日嘎拉 [China] Linguistics
  • MAMIYA, Kenzou [Japan] Linguistics
  • Tashiro Perez, Eliza Atsuko [Brazil] Linguistics
  • Coelho, Olga Ferreira [Brazil] Linguistics
  • Zwartjes, Otto Jeroen [Holland] Linguistics
  • Fernandes Salles Altman, Maria Cristina [Brazil] Linguistics


  • SHIMIZU, Akitoshi [Japan]
  • SHINE, Toshihiko [Japan]
  • KAWATOKO, Mutsuo [Japan]
  • OKUNO, Katsumi [Japan]
  • 金 少萍 [China]
  • エルデムト [China]
  • TANGIKU, Itsuji [Japan]


  • SHIMIZU, Akitoshi [Japan] Anthropology
  • ISHII, Hiroshi [Japan]
  • UCHIBORI, Motomitsu [Japan]
  • TAKAMATSU, Yoichi [Japan]
  • Ayisima Miersulitan [China]
  • Christopher Beckwith [Indiana University]


  • SHIMIZU, Akitoshi [Japan] Anthropology
  • Naw Si Blut [Myanmar]
  • KAWADA, Junzo [Japan]
  • Matthew William Mosca [America]


  • Roberts-Kohno Rosalind Ruth [America]
  • Naw Si Blut [Myanmar]
  • MIYAJI, Mieko [Japan]


  • Christopher I Beckwith [America]
  • Sangi Vladimir Mikhajlovich [Russia]
  • Roberts-Kohno Rosalind Ruth [America]
  • Massoud Daher [Lebanon]
  • La Minh Hang [Vietnam]
  • 王菊 [China]


  • Ehelbert Emmanuel KARI [Nigeria]
  • HANJABAM Surmangol Sharma [India]
  • JOYCE Terry Andrew [United Kingdom]
  • OEHLER Susan Elizabeth [America]


  • Wufela Yaek' olingo,Andre [Democratic Republic of the Congo]
  • 方 素梅 [China]
  • Meena Singh Khadka [Nepal]

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