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Journal of Asia and Africa Studies Back Issue 2021

Articles that are deposited in "Prometheus-Academic Collections of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies" can be downloaded from their links in each volume.

Vol.101 2021-3-31

A Treatise on Zinā in the Early Sokoto Caliphate
Muḥammad Bello’s al-Qawl al-Marham (en)


Reading the Egyptian 2014 Constitution
Examining the Constitutional Amendments on April 2019 (ja)


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Vol.102 2021-9-30

Changes in the Transportation Routes between Tibet and Qinghai in the Qing Period (ja)

Iwata, Keisuke

[Special Feature]
Interaction and Propagation of Islam among Ulama in Modern World
Cases of Uzbekistan, Syria and Libya

Introduction (ja)

Kondo, Nobuaki

The Path of Muhammad Sodiq Muhammad Yusuf
The Process of Establishing Non-partisanship and wasaṭīya on Islam in Uzbekistan (ja)

Wazaki, Seika

The Public Image of Religious Authority in Modern Syria through the “Official” Islam under the Ba‘th Regime
The Cases of Aḥmad Kuftārū and Ramaḍān al-Būṭī (ja)

Takao, Kenichiro

Islamic Research and Educational Institution as a Platform
The Role of the World Islamic Call Society in Libya (ja)

Kobayashi, Amane

Instructions for Scribes in the Military Office during the Baḥrī Mamluk Period “Scribal Arts for the Dīwān and the Pen of Fiscal Administration”(§2.5.14) of Shihāb al-Dīn Aḥmad al-Nuwayrī’s Nihāyat al-Arab fī Funūn al-Adab (ja)

Kumakura, Wakako, Yoshimura, Takenori, Kameya, Manabu, Teshima, Hidenori and Kubo, Ryosuke

The Cultivation of Rice Using a Paddy in Northern Plateau Described in Qinmin Yaoshu
The Investigation of Transplant (ja)

Hayashi, Kazuyasu

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