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Journal of Asia and Africa Studies Back Issue 2011

Articles that are deposited in "Prometheus-Academic Collections of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies" can be downloaded from their links in each volume.

Vol.81 2011-3-31

The Philological Reexamination of “Military Law in the Third Year (1638) of Chong De 崇徳” Held in the National Library of China
The Process of Transference from Eight Banners’s Law into Mongolian Law of the Ch'ing Dynasty (ja)

Hagihara, Mamoru

A Study of tne “Zhanli (瞻礼)” by the Ambans in Lhasa and the Relationship between the Qing Dynasty and Tibet in the Latter Half of the 18th Century (ja)

Murakami, Nobuaki

Debates over the Reorganisation of States in India
The Bifurcation of Bombay State (ja)

Isaka, Riho

Collations and Annotations with Japanese Translation of Some Documents in the Huang Ming Enlunlu (『皇明恩綸録』 Records of Gifts of Grace from the Ming Emperor)
Based on the manuscript copy held by the National Library of China (ja)

Yamada, Noriyuki

Khātima (fī) al-Tasawwuf
An Arabic Work of a Western Saharan Muslim Instellectual (undetermined )

Kariya, Kota

An annotated Japanese Translation of the Tagut Version of Avatamsaka Sūtra vol. 77 in Princeton University Collection (ja)

Arakawa, Shintaro

Vol.82 2011-9-30

Usage Hierarchy of the Noun ∫ay ‘thing’ in the Arabic Dialect of Tunis (ja)

Kumakiri, Taku

Waqf ad-dašīša of Mamluk Sultan Qāytbāy (ja)

Ito, Takao

A Complete Japanese Translation of the Hamas Charter
Approaching One Aspect of Palestinian Resistance Movements (ja)

Suzuki, Hiroyuki

Akhbār-i Mughūlān as a Source of Early Ilkhanid History (ja)

Takagi, Sanae

The Proverbs of Spoken Egyptian Arabic
A Window into a “Different Culture” (ja)

Takemura, Kazuaki

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