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Journal of Asia and Africa Studies Back Issue 1980

Articles that are deposited in "Prometheus-Academic Collections of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies" can be downloaded from their links in each volume.

Vol.19 1980-8-30

The Function and the Structure of the Human Group in Anti-Atlas Region : Report on Moroccan Shilha (1) (ja)

Nakano, Akio

The Troops of the ‘Ādherbaījān Military Government’ after the Establishment of the Īlkhanate (ja)

Shimo, Hirotoshi

Village Community and Its Irrigation System : A Case study of the Village of Funk in Birjand, Iran : 1 (ja)

Hara, Ryuichi / Nanri, Hiroko

On some aspects of Wu Tone Sandhi (en)

Ballard, William L.

Linguistic Data of the Yaw Dialect of the Burmese Language (ja)

Yabu, Shiro

On the Khmer Temple, Prāsāt Hin Phimāi in Thailand (ja)

Ito, Shoji

Samuel Robert Ramsey: Accent and Morphology in Korean Dialects : a descriptive and historical study. 1978 (en)

Hayata, Teruhiro

Papers in Korean Linguistics : Proceedings of the symposium on Korean linguistics, held at the University of Hawaii, August 18-20,1977. ed. by Chin-W. Kim. 1978 (en)

Hayata, Teruhiro

Vol.20 1980-12-25

Some aspects of the Egyptian commercial policy in the Baḥrī Mamlūk period (ja)

Yajima, Hikoiti

The Minority's Groping : Further Light on Khaisan and Udai (en)

NAKAMI, Tatsuo

The History of Old Irrigation Works for Meiktila Kan in Upper Burma : from ancient time up to the fall of the Konbaung dynasty (en)

Ito, Toshikatsu

On Haneda Manuscript (ja)

Higuchi, Koichi

Recent Economic Change in a Newar Village (ja)

Ishii, Hiroshi

A report on the basic vocabularies of the Tai dialectal variation of Wuming (ja)

Nakajima, Motoki

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