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Journal of Asia and Africa Studies Back Issue 2017

Articles that are deposited in "Prometheus-Academic Collections of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies" can be downloaded from their links in each volume.

Vol.93 2017-3-31

De-Japanization on Post-War Taiwan from the perspective of Vicarious Decolonization (ja)

Morita, Kenji

September 30th Incident and Overseas Chinese Community in Indonesia
Seen from attack of Res Publica University (ja)

Kurasawa, Aiko

“Iranian Kurds (Akrād-e Īrān)” and the Safavid “Forced” Migration Policy (ja)

Yamaguchi, Akihiko

Numerals of the Khitan Language (ja)

Takeuchi, Yasunori

“Ideal Households” through the Comparison of Households
Changing Social Position in North-western Nepal in Relation to Development and Education (ja)

Iwama, Haruka


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