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Fieldling: Building a Community of Field Linguists

'Fieldling' is a research project that aims to create a collaborative framework, a 'community', for junior researchers who are scattered throughout Japan but are actively involved in descriptive linguistics through their original linguistic field work.

Since its inception in 2005, Fieldling has hosted numerous conferences and workshops on various themes, all proposed and carried out by the participating researchers. Fieldling now has the basis of its operation within the Linguistic Dynamics Science Project. Following activities are conducted by the project.

  1. organizing conferences on specific topics in which the participants bring together their data from their original field research for presentation and discussion;
  2. organizing workshops aimed at studying and improving methodologies and techniques of data analysis;
  3. publishing data and research results of field work;
  4. managing an interactive website, where the participating researchers can share their knowledge and information;
  5. managing a website to inform and enlighten the general public for better understanding of descriptive linguistics and language documentation.

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