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Asian and African Languages and Linguistics Vol.16

Articles that are deposited in "Prometheus-Academic Collections of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies" can be downloaded from their links in each volume.

Vol.16  2022.3.31

Special Feature: Eleven Family Problems Stories from SCOPIC

Eleven Family Problems Stories from SCOPIC: Introduction(en)

Shiohara, Asako and Kimoto, Yukinori

A ‘Family Problems’ Narrative in Arta: Interlinear Text with Grammatical Notes(en)

Kimoto, Yukinori

A ‘Family Problems’ Narrative Text for SCOPIC of Standard Malay(en)

Nomoto, Hiroki

A Gǀui ‘Family Problems’ Narrative Text(en)

Ono, Hitomi

Jinghpaw ‘Family Problems’ Narrative Texts for SCOPIC(en)

Kurabe, Keita

A Narrative Text from the Family Problems Picture Task: Sibe (SJO)(en)

Kogura, Norikazu

The SCOPIC Narrative Text ‘A Family Problem’ for Japanese(en)

Narrog, Heiko, Yokoyama, Akiko and Kimoto, Yukinori

How a Man Got off the Grog: A Dalabon ‘Family Problems’ Story(en)

Evans, Nicholas and Pamkal, Manuel

An Interlinearized ‘Family Problem’ Narrative Text from Matukar Panau(en)

Barth, Danielle

Indonesian ‘Family Problems’ stories for SCOPIC(en)

Yanti and Shiohara, Asako

Supplement paper for volume 15 Special Feature:Ludlings and Related Phenomena

Quadrisyllabic Ideophones in Southern Quechua: Constrained Peculiarities in the Phonology (en)

Morokuma, Yuko

Language Materials

Vocabulary of the Chahualin Dialect of sPomborgang Khams (Jiulong County)(en)

Suzuki, Hiroyuki and Li, Chunmei

A Shinekhen Buryat Text: Foals with Golden Breast and Silver Buttocks(en)

Yamakoshi, Yasuhiro

A Sliammon Text: “Blackfish”, as Told by Mary George(en)

Watanabe, Honoré

A Tuvan Text: A Journey to Tokyo 2020(en)

Syuryun, Arzhaana and Kogura, Norikazu

Two Narrated Folktales in Kitumbatu: Wealth or Blessing, The Woodcutter and the Angel of Death(en)

Furumoto, Makoto

A Monologue Narrative Text of the Isen-Tokunoshima Dialect of Amami: A Tale of Hamauri, Miibamakumashi, and Amaterasuoomikami(ja)

Kato, Kanji

Editors of volume 16

  • Ito, Chiyuki (Editor-in-chief)
  • Aoi, Hayato
  • Adachi, Mayumi
  • Arakawa, Shintaro
  • Kurabe, Keita
  • Kurebito, Tokusu
  • Kogura, Norikazu
  • Sawada, Hideo
  • Shiohara, Asako
  • Shinagawa, Daisuke
  • Nakayama, Toshihide
  • Furumoto, Makoto
  • Hoshi, Izumi
  • Yamakoshi, Yasuhiro
  • Watanabe, Honoré

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