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Asian and African Languages and Linguistics Vol.15

Articles that are deposited in "Prometheus-Academic Collections of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies" can be downloaded from their links in each volume.

Vol.15  2021.3.31

Special Feature: Ludlings and Related Phenomena

Introduction to Ludlings and Related Phenomena (en)

Kurabe, Keita

Ludlings and Phonology in Tagalog (en)

Nagaya, Naonori and Uchihara, Hiroto

Ludlings and Glides in Basque (en)

Ishizuka, Masayuki

Prosody of Iterative Infixal Ludlings in Turkish (en)

Suzuki, Yui

Ludlings and Their Implications for Syllable Structure in Jinghpaw (en)

Kurabe, Keita

Rhythm in Mongolian Proverbs: Functions of Syllables and Morae (en)

Ueta, Naoki

Language Materials

A Sliammon Text: “First Pregnancy”, as Told by Mary George (en)

Watanabe, Honoré

Phonetic Description and Vocabulary of Khams Tibetan Tshawarong [Chawalong] Dialect (ja)

Suzuki, Hiroyuki

A Basic Vocabulary of Khorchin Mongolian (en)

Yamakoshi, Yasuhiro

Two Brunei Malay Texts: A Story of the Maiden Stem and Two Episodes in the History of Weston and Bukau (en)

Shiohara, Asako and Fitri, Mohd Izzuddin

Three Pieces of Kui Text (en)

Katubi, Shiohara, Asako and Besikari, Iwan

Editors of volume 15

  • Kogura, Norikazu (Editor-in-chief)
  • Adachi, Mayumi
  • Aoi, Hayato
  • Arakawa, Shintaro
  • Hoshi, Izumi
  • Ito, Chiyuki
  • Iwasaki, Kanae
  • Kurabe, Keita
  • Kurebito, Tokusu
  • Nakayama, Toshihide
  • Sawada, Hideo
  • Shiohara, Asako
  • Shinagawa, Daisuke
  • Watanabe, Honoré
  • Yamakoshi, Yasuhiro

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