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Asian and African Languages and Linguistics Vol.13

Articles that are deposited in "Prometheus-Academic Collections of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies" can be downloaded from their links in each volume.

Vol.13  2019.3.31

Special Feature: “Altaic-type” Languages

Introduction: “Altaic-type” Languages(en)

Yamakoshi, Yasuhiro

On the Internally Headed Relative Clause in Altaic-type Languages(en)

Kazama, Shinjiro

Continuous Aspects in Tungusic from the Perspective of Areal Linguistics: Progressive vs. Resultative (en)

Baek, Sangyub

Regularity and Obligatoriness in Sakha (Yakut): A Contrastive Analysis with Tyvan (en)

Ebata, Fuyuki

Finiteness in Sibe: Aspects of Finiteness and Historical Development(en)

Kogura, Norikazu

Demarcation between Converbs and What Are Not Converbs in Mongolian: Focusing on Combinations of a Verbal-nominal Suffix and a Case Suffix (en)

Umetani, Hiroyuki

Language Materials

Two Folktales in Lhagang Tibetan (Minyag Rabgang Khams) Three Birds and Lark and Partridge(en)

Suzuki, Hiroyuki and Sonam Wangmo

Editors of volume 13

  • Shinagawa, Daisuke (Editor-in-chief)
  • Adachi, Mayumi
  • Aoi, Hayato
  • Arakawa, Shintaro
  • Hoshi, Izumi
  • Ito, Chiyuki
  • Kogura, Norikazu
  • Kurabe, Keita
  • Kurebito, Tokusu
  • Nakayama, Toshihide
  • Sawada, Hideo
  • Shiohara, Asako
  • Watanabe, Honoré
  • Yamakoshi, Yasuhiro

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