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Asian and African Languages and Linguistics Vol.10

Articles that are deposited in "Prometheus-Academic Collections of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies" can be downloaded from their links in each volume.

Vol.10  2016.3.31

Special Feature: An Overview of Event Integration Patterns in African Languages

Introduction: An Overview of Event Integration Patterns in African Languages (en)

Kawachi, Kazuhiro

Event Integration Patterns in Kupsapiny (en)

Kawachi, Kazuhiro

Complex Motion Events and Clause Combining in Saamia (en)

Hieda, Osamu

Event Integration and the Consecutive Construction in ‘Ale (en)

Yoshino, Hiroshi

An analysis of complex event representation in Amharic texts (en)

Wakasa, Motomichi

Event integration Patterns in Bende (Bantu, F12) (en)

Abe, Yuko

Event integration in Akan (en)

Koga, Kyoko

Event Integration Patterns in Yoruba (en)

Komori, Junko

Event Integration Patterns in Herero: The Case of Motion Event Components (en)

Yoneda, Nobuko

Language Materials

Lhagang Tibetan of Minyag Rabgang Khams: Vocabulary of two sociolinguistic varieties (en)

Suzuki, Hiroyuki and Sonam Wangmo

Bu-hwan Vocabulary Recorded in 1874: Comparison with Seediq Dialects (en)

Ochiai, Izumi

A Basic Vocabulary and a Text of the Ralte Language (ja)

Otsuka, Kosei

Editors of volume 10

  • Yamakoshi, Yasuhiro (Editor-in-chief)
  • Abe, Yuko
  • Arakawa, Shintaro
  • Ebihara, Shiho
  • Hoshi, Izumi
  • Ito, Chiyuki
  • Kogura, Norikazu
  • Kurebito, Tokusu
  • Nakayama, Toshihide
  • Sawada, Hideo
  • Shiohara, Asako
  • Umetani, Hiroyuki
  • Watanabe, Honoré

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