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East Asia  Photographs of Taken by John Thomson (in Japanese)
Tibetan language and culture) (in Japanese
Culture of Fujian Province and Taiwan (in Japanese)
Internet Tangut Association (in Japanese)

Northeast Asia   Languages and cultures of North-East Eurasia (in Japanese)
Tuytah Collection by ASAI Take, Vol. I and II ---The Oral Literature of the Sakhalin Ainu
The traditional culture of Chukuchi reindeer breeders

Southeast Asia  Introduction to Foreign Languages -- Thai Language (at the Universtiy of the Air) (in Japanese)
Origin and Development of Southeast Asian Scripts (ODSEAS)
Sawada's system of transliteration for Burmese (in Japanese)
Textbooks of Burmese language (in Japanese)
Folktales from Indonesia (in Japanese)
Balinese Lessons (in Japanese)
Historical Ethnography of Hoi An, Vietnam (in Japanese)
Bontok electronic dictionary
Textbooks for Tasaday Language

South Asia  Ethnography of village societies in Nepal
Apte Sanskrit Dictionary Search
Iconography of Hindu Deities (in Japanese)
Asian script cosmos: A voyage of Indic scripts (Exhibition in 2002) (in Japanese)
Database of Indian Sacred Scriptures
Saiva Scriptures
Asian Scripts Technology Infrastructure (ASTI)
Multi-lingual Processing Technology (in Japanese)
P.O. Bodding's Santal Dictionary

West Asia   Modern and Contemporary Arab Islamic Research (in Japanese)
Old maps of the Ottoman Empire (jpeg data in Japanese)
Old maps of the Ottoman Empire(Zooma data in Japanese)
19th-Century Egypt in European lithographs (in Japanese)
Exhibition: Lines and Dots: Journey of Arabic Scripts. --- Nov.24 - Dec. 22, 2005 at ILCAA (in Japanese)
Ottoman Theatrical Posters (in Japanese)

Oceania  Database on Taro
Fijian CAI (in Japanese)

Africa  Study of Malagasy Peoples in Social Perspective (in Japanese)
Ethnography of Western Africa (in Japanese)
Studies on African Languages
Yoruba-Japanese Dictionary ver.1.2 (in Japanese)

North & Central America  "Athabascan Revival"--Conference and exhibition on Athabascan languages and cultures

Miscellaneous   A Linguistic Questionnaire for Asian and African Languages Vol.2 (in Japanese)
Dynamics of multilingualism and lifestyles in Asia and Africa (in Japanese)
The Overseas Scientific Research Coordination Team (in Japanese)
Distribution and Sharing of Resources in Symbolic and Ecological Systems:Integrative Model-building in Anthoropology
Human Security Studies (in Japanese)