(Last modified 6 September 1999)

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Following tentative services are available:

Hindi Electronic Dictionary

You can use this as on-line Hindi dictionary. What you do is only to input a word (any form), a phrase or a sentence. In response to your input, this dictionary gives you useful information such as head word form (as in a conventional dictionary), part of speech, meaning, and suffix information for each word.

Hindi Full-Text Search

The text is `Godan', a Hindi novel by Premchand (1880-1936). You can check the usage of the target word that you input, and the output is in the form of KWIC (Key Word In Context).

Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Image database of Hindu deities. We have Japanese explanation for the moment. English explanation is forthcoming.

Accessory Service

This sevice may give you some hints, if you waver in color combination of background and text for making your homepage.

K. Machida: kmach@aa.tufs.ac.jp