Select a color of background and of text respectively.

(Default color: white for background, black for text)

Where to go:
Background color
Text color

Select a color for background.

snow ghost white white smoke
gainsboro floral white old lace
linen antique white papaya whip
blanched almond bisque peach puff
navajo white moccasin cornsilk
ivory lemon chiffon seashell
honeydew mint cream azure
alice blue lavender lavender blush
misty rose white black
dark slate gray dim gray slate gray
light slate gray gray light grey Where to go
midnight blue navy cornflower blue
dark slate blue slate blue medium slate blue
light slate blue medium blue royal blue
blue dodger blue deep sky blue
sky blue light sky blue steel blue
light steel blue light blue powder blue
pale turquoise dark turquoise medium turquoise
turquoise cyan light cyan
cadet blue medium aquamarine aquamarine
dark green dark olive green dark sea green
sea green medium sea green light sea green Where to go
pale green spring green lawn green
green chartreuse medium spring green
green yellow lime green yellow green
forest green olive drab dark khaki
khaki pale goldenrod light goldenrod yellow
light yellow yellow gold
light goldenrod goldenrod dark goldenrod
rosy brown indian red saddle brown
sienna peru burlywood
beige wheat sandy brown
tan chocolate firebrick Where to go
brown dark salmon salmon
light salmon orange dark orange
coral light coral tomato
orange red red hot pink
deep pink pink light pink
pale violet red maroon medium violet red
violet red magenta violet
plum orchid medium orchid
dark orchid dark violet blue violet
purple medium purple thistle
snow1 snow2 snow3 Where to go
snow4 seashell1 seashell2
seashell3 seashell4 AntiqueWhite1
AntiqueWhite2 AntiqueWhite3 AntiqueWhite4
bisque1 bisque2 bisque3
bisque4 PeachPuff1 PeachPuff2
PeachPuff3 PeachPuff4 NavajoWhite1
NavajoWhite2 NavajoWhite3 NavajoWhite4
LemonChiffon1 LemonChiffon2 LemonChiffon3
LemonChiffon4 cornsilk1 cornsilk2
cornsilk3 cornsilk4 ivory1
ivory2 ivory3 ivory4 Where to go
honeydew1 honeydew2 honeydew3
honeydew4 LavenderBlush1 LavenderBlush2
LavenderBlush3 LavenderBlush4 MistyRose1
MistyRose2 MistyRose3 MistyRose4
azure1 azure2 azure3
azure4 SlateBlue1 SlateBlue2
SlateBlue3 SlateBlue4 RoyalBlue1
RoyalBlue2 RoyalBlue3 RoyalBlue4
blue1 blue2 blue3
blue4 DodgerBlue1 DodgerBlue2
DodgerBlue3 DodgerBlue4 SteelBlue1 Where to go
SteelBlue2 SteelBlue3 SteelBlue4
DeepSkyBlue1 DeepSkyBlue2 DeepSkyBlue3
DeepSkyBlue4 SkyBlue1 SkyBlue2
SkyBlue3 SkyBlue4 LightSkyBlue1
LightSkyBlue2 LightSkyBlue3 LightSkyBlue4
SlateGray1 SlateGray2 SlateGray3
SlateGray4 LightSteelBlue1 LightSteelBlue2
LightSteelBlue3 LightSteelBlue4 LightBlue1
LightBlue2 LightBlue3 LightBlue4
LightCyan1 LightCyan2 LightCyan3
LightCyan4 PaleTurquoise1 PaleTurquoise2 Where to go
PaleTurquoise3 PaleTurquoise4 CadetBlue1
CadetBlue2 CadetBlue3 CadetBlue4
turquoise1 turquoise2 turquoise3
turquoise4 cyan1 cyan2
cyan3 cyan4 DarkSlateGray1
DarkSlateGray2 DarkSlateGray3 DarkSlateGray4
aquamarine1 aquamarine2 aquamarine3
aquamarine4 DarkSeaGreen1 DarkSeaGreen2
DarkSeaGreen3 DarkSeaGreen4 SeaGreen1
SeaGreen2 SeaGreen3 SeaGreen4
PaleGreen1 PaleGreen2 PaleGreen3 Where to go
PaleGreen4 SpringGreen1 SpringGreen2
SpringGreen3 SpringGreen4 green1
green2 green3 green4
chartreuse1 chartreuse2 chartreuse3
chartreuse4 OliveDrab1 OliveDrab2
OliveDrab3 OliveDrab4 DarkOliveGreen1
DarkOliveGreen2 DarkOliveGreen3 DarkOliveGreen4
khaki1 khaki2 khaki3
khaki4 LightGoldenrod1 LightGoldenrod2
LightGoldenrod3 LightGoldenrod4 LightYellow1
LightYellow2 LightYellow3 LightYellow4 Where to go
yellow1 yellow2 yellow3
yellow4 gold1 gold2
gold3 gold4 goldenrod1
goldenrod2 goldenrod3 goldenrod4
DarkGoldenrod1 DarkGoldenrod2 DarkGoldenrod3
DarkGoldenrod4 RosyBrown1 RosyBrown2
RosyBrown3 RosyBrown4 IndianRed1
IndianRed2 IndianRed3 IndianRed4
sienna1 sienna2 sienna3
sienna4 burlywood1 burlywood2
burlywood3 burlywood4 wheat1 Where to go
wheat2 wheat3 wheat4
tan1 tan2 tan3
tan4 chocolate1 chocolate2
chocolate3 chocolate4 firebrick1
firebrick2 firebrick3 firebrick4
brown1 brown2 brown3
brown4 salmon1 salmon2
salmon3 salmon4 LightSalmon1
LightSalmon2 LightSalmon3 LightSalmon4
orange1 orange2 orange3
orange4 DarkOrange1 DarkOrange2 Where to go
DarkOrange3 DarkOrange4 coral1
coral2 coral3 coral4
tomato1 tomato2 tomato3
tomato4 OrangeRed1 OrangeRed2
OrangeRed3 OrangeRed4 red1
red2 red3 red4
DeepPink1 DeepPink2 DeepPink3
DeepPink4 HotPink1 HotPink2
HotPink3 HotPink4 pink1
pink2 pink3 pink4
LightPink1 LightPink2 LightPink3 Where to go
LightPink4 PaleVioletRed1 PaleVioletRed2
PaleVioletRed3 PaleVioletRed4 maroon1
maroon2 maroon3 maroon4
VioletRed1 VioletRed2 VioletRed3
VioletRed4 magenta1 magenta2
magenta3 magenta4 orchid1
orchid2 orchid3 orchid4
plum1 plum2 plum3
plum4 MediumOrchid1 MediumOrchid2
MediumOrchid3 MediumOrchid4 DarkOrchid1
DarkOrchid2 DarkOrchid3 DarkOrchid4 Where to go
purple1 purple2 purple3
purple4 MediumPurple1 MediumPurple2
MediumPurple3 MediumPurple4 thistle1
thistle2 thistle3 thistle4

Select a color for text.

white black gray
blue cyan green
khaki yellow gold
brown tomato red
pink violet purple Where to go