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Apte Sanskrit Dictionary Search

last update, 2006/03/30

This is a Web Sanskrit Dictionary based on ``The Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary'' of Vaman Shivaram Apte.

And it contains only the first word (or phrase in some case) of each numbered meaning.

Input transliteration scheme is shown in the table below.

A Verb should be searched by its root form. A noun should be searched by its stem form, i.e. `deva', `lakSmii', `aatman' etc. but feminin stem `aa' derived from `a' should be searched by dropping last `a' i.e. `kaniSThaa' appears in the item `kaniSTha', but `kathaa' appears under itself. If feminin form takes `ii' stem, it comes under different head word, i.e. `kaniina' and `kaniinii' are two items. Compound words (-Comp.) are not taken.


nag_a.png a nag_aa.png aa nag_i.png i nag_ii.png ii nag_u.png u nag_uu.png uu nag_ri.png R nag_rii.png RR
nag_li.png L nag_lii.png LL nag_e.png e nag_ai.png ai nag_o.png o nag_au.png au nag_am.png aM nag_ah.png aH


nag_k.png k nag_kh.png kh nag_g.png g nag_gh.png gh nag_ng.png G
nag_c.png c nag_ch.png ch nag_j.png j nag_jh.png jh nag_ny.png J
nag_tt.png T nag_tth.png Th nag_dd.png D nag_ddh.png Dh nag_nn.png N
nag_t.png t nag_th.png th nag_d.png d nag_dh.png dh nag_n.png n
nag_p.png p nag_ph.png ph nag_b.png b nag_bh.png bh nag_m.png m
nag_y.png y nag_r.png r nag_l.png l nag_v.png v
nag_z.png z nag_sh.png S nag_s.png s nag_h.png h