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NUSA Vol.67

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vol.67, 30 Sep 2019


online edition ISSN 2187-7297
printed edition ISSN 0126-2874

Volume Title: Linguistic studies using large annotated corpora
Editor: Hiroki NOMOTO and David Moeljadi


Linguistic studies using large annotated corpora: Introduction
Hiroki Nomoto and David Moeljadi
An annotated news corpus of Malaysian Malay
Siaw-Fong Chung and Meng-Hsien Shih
Vector Space Models and the usage patterns of Indonesian denominal verbs: A case study of verbs with meN-, meN-/-kan, and meN-/-i affixes
Gede Primahadi Wijaya Rajeg, Karlina Denistia and Simon Musgrave
Discourse functions of the two non-active voices in Indonesian: Based on the web corpus in MALINDO Conc
Asako Shiohara, Yuta Sakon and Hiroki Nomoto

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