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Degree Papers & Publications

(Now Writing!) Diachronic Typology of the Syntax of Central Pacific Languages: Ergativity/Accusativity and its Historical Change.

(Now Writing!) Notes on the Nadrau Communalect of Fijian.

(forthcoming) Transitivity and verb forms in Fijian. In Modern Approaches to Transitivity, Ritsuko Kikusawa and Kan Sasaki (eds.). [ draft version MS-Word97 file (105KB)]

(forthcoming) Historical implications of a syntactically ambiguous structure in Standard Fijian, Proceedings of the Forth International Conference on Oceanic Linguistics, Steven Roger Fischer and Wolfgang B. Sperlich (eds.) [ draft version MS-Word97 file (149KB) and a figure (28KB)]

(forthcoming) Where did suli come from? A study of the words connected to taro plants in Oceanic languages, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Oceanic Linguistics, Paul A. Geraghty and Bill Palmer (eds.)

1999a 『標準フィジー語入門 (An Introduction to Standard Fijian)』 (in Japanese). Tokyo: ILCAA, pp.161.

1999b (with Apolonia Tamata) 『フィジー語−日本語学習辞書 (A Standard Fijian Learners' Dictionary)』 (in Japanese). Tokyo: ILCAA, pp. 250.

1998a A formal analysis of the so-called 'passive' in Fijian. Journal of Asian and African Studies 56:111-139. [ MS-Word97 file (118KB)]

1998b 「フィジー (Fiji)」. 『民族遊戯大事典 (Encyclopedia of Ethnic Play and Games)』, 402-406. Tokyo: Taishuukan Shoten.

1997a Comparative syntax of Fijian and Tongan: How a single proto-language developed into two different actancy systems. Typescript. [ MS-Word97 file (340KB) and a figure (30KB) ]

1997b 「ポリネシア諸語における能格性と他動性 -トンガ語を例に― (Ergativity and transitive verbs in Polynesian languages with special reference to Tongan)」. Typescript. [ Japanese MS-Word97 file (101KB)]

1997c Notes on noun incorporation in the Wailevu communalect of Fijian. Scribble.

1996 The so-called 'articles' in the Wailevu Communalect of Fijian: Determiners or something else? Proceedings of the 5th Annual East-West Center Centerwide Conference, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawai'i, 137-144.

1995a On the Meaning of Saa in the Wailevu Communalect of Fijian. Man and Culture in Oceania 11:45-60.

1995b Names of Marine Animals in the Wailevu Communalect, Kadavu, Fiji: An interim report. Tokyo University Linguistics Papers 14:699-736.

1993b An Interim Report on the Language spoken in Leklak Village on Malekula Island, Vanuatu (in Japanese). A research report submitted to Mitsubishi Shintaku Yamamuro Memorial Scholarship Foundation.

1992 The verb system in the Wailevu communalect of Fijian (in Japanese). M.A. thesis, Department of Linguistics, University of Tokyo.

1990 Prepositional phrases in Standard Fijian (in Japanese). Graduation thesis submitted for B.A. degree in Linguistics, Department of Linguistics, University of Tokyo.


Essays (all in Japanese)

1999.11 「プロフィール スタンリー・スタロスタ教授 (Profile: Professor Stanley Starosta)」 Tsuushin 97. ILCAA. LINK
1999.6 「皇太子奨学金留学生手記 (Correspondence from a Crown Prince Akihito Scholar)」 Japan-Hawaii vol. 18:23-24. Japan-Hawaii Economic Council.
1998.9 「収穫期/A Harvesting Season」 The picture of the month, ILCAA homepage.  
1998.11 「民族のこころ(122) 嫁と姑―フィジー編― (Mother-in-law, Daughter-in-law: A case in Fiji)」 Tsuushin 94:18. ILCAA.
1998.11 「プロフィール アポロニア・タマタ助教授 (Profile: Professor Apolonia Tamata)」 Tsuushin 94:19. ILCAA. LINK
1998.11 「プロフィール ローレンス・A・リード教授 (Profile: Professor Lawrence Andrew Reid)」 Tsuushin 94:20. ILCAA. LINK
1998.11 「目で見る言語・耳で聞く言語 (Writing tradition and speaking tradition)」 『日本の名随筆93 言語 (Great Essays in Japan 93: Languages)』 182-185. Tokyo: Sakuhinsha. [re-print of 1998.2]
1998.5 「民族のこころ(120) ハワイの「伝統」 ('Tradition' in Hawai'i)」 Tsuushin 92:36. ILCAA.
1998.2 「目で見る言語・耳で聞く言語 (Writing tradition and speaking tradition)」 Gengo 27(2):4-5. Tokyo: Taishuukan-shoten.
1997. 9 「調査こぼればなし(45) フィジーの焼き魚 (Fijian style grilled fish)」 Kokusai Gakujutsu Kenkyuu News Letter 36:52.
1997. 3 「調査こぼればなし(40) 「日本的」な料理のしかた (Cooking in a Japanese way)」 Kokusai Gakujutsu Kenkyuu News Letter 34:18-19.
1996.12 「いろいろなひとがいるということ (To have various peoples in a society)」 Vasa Lanumo-ana: 10th anniversary issue, 57-64. Japan-Tuval Friendship Association.
1996.11 「民族のこころ(116) ココナツに登るはなし (Coconut tree climbing)」 Tsuushin 88:15. IL-CAA.
1995. 7 「新入所員自己紹介 「なまえ」について (My name)」 Tsuushin 84:37. ILCAA.
1995. 1 「ハワイ大学キャンパス便り(1)-(4) (Campus report from the University of Hawai'i 1-4)」 Vasa Lanumoana 16-19, Japan-Tuvalu Friendship Association.