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ILCAA Joint Research Group

Investigation into Polarization and Symbiosis under the Transcultural Society: Field Science and Field Archiving in Asia and Africa






About the Project

Project term: 2021

As a result of the rapid social changes occurring throughout the twenty-first century and onward, polarization has intensified in Asia and Africa, despite the need to achieve a “multicultural coexistence.” Moreover, the framework of multicultural coexistence has become more fluid, and as a result, transcultural trends have made the boundaries between cultures less clear. In this context, it is necessary to reconsider the ideal nature of “multicultural coexistence.”
Due in particularly to the COVID-19 pandemic, modalities of polarization have changed dramatically. Amidst increasing polarization, the online world has entered a transcultural condition whereby culture crosses boundaries and areas. At the same time, the digital divide has intensified. Therefore, these situations involve different kinds of coexistence and polarization that are different from the past. Historical recognition, languages, and cultural backgrounds have greatly influenced this series of polarizations. Therefore, in order to solve the problems mentioned above, it is necessary that we understand the histories, languages, and cultures of Asia and Africa by revising conventional frameworks. It is also important for the conventional comprehension of “multicultural coexistence” to transition to “no one left behind,” which reflects the aim of Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore, taking advantage of ILCAA specialists in history, languages, and the cultures of Asia and Africa, this project aims to accurately comprehend the reality of polarization and coexistence by using sustainable research methods in cooperation with scholars in history, area studies, anthropology, and linguistics at research institutes around the world.

Yasuhiro YAMAKOSHI, Project Coordinator (Associate Professor, ILCAA)



  • Yasuhiro YAMAKOSHI (ILCAA)

Associate Coordinator

  • Jin NODA (ILCAA)

The project Members

  • Shintaro ARAKAWA
  • Aya KAWAI
  • Wakako KUMAKURA
  • Satoshi OGURA
  • Asako SHIOHARA
  • Yukako YODHIDA



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