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Monthly Photos July 2011

Photos taken by ILCAA staff and associates are posted here once a month; most of them are taken during their field research in Asia and Africa.

(The copyright belongs to the photographers.)

Twin Cities: Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Jaffa and Tel-Aviv are twin cities. Located at the east end of the Mediterranean, they are awash with splashing water and sea breeze side by side in a continuous coastline. It was not such a long time ago that the twins were born. Tel Aviv was built at the beginning of the 20th century, while Jaffa has retained its name since Biblical times. In 1950, the old port city of Jaffa merged with the modern city of Tel Aviv administratively under the State of Israel.

The merger did not happen without pain. The preceding war and its clashes left a ruin of houses and mosques, and left refugees who cannot return until now. New immigrants rebuilt the city and changed the character of it. On the other hand, in some places the same scenery still remains: the sea, the sunshine, and the people relaxing by the seashore. The sea breeze continuously brings its salty wind regardless of time; and whoever lives there.

JUN 2011
View of Jaffa from Tel Aviv
Photograph by Aiko NISHIKIDA

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