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Monthly Photos September 2010

Photos taken by ILCAA staff and associates are posted here once a month; most of them are taken during their field research in Asia and Africa.

(The copyright belongs to the photographers.)

19th Street at Dusk

19th Street situated in Chinatown, the west side of Yangon Downtown, has long been famous for a lot of restaurants serving satays and seafood such as crabs, fish, clams etc., with glasses of draft beer. At dusk in the array of illuminated signboards of restaurant and beer, an elderly person is strolling at leisure, and a few groups are already sitting enjoying food and drink. I took the photo twelve years ago, but the taste of the street remains almost unchanged.

In talking about the 'restaurant street', I cannot afford not to mention Fried Eel. Eels are chopped, seasoned with salt, garlic, ginger and turmeric, deep-fried and topped with fresh coriander. In my opinion, it is the best snack to go with chilled beer, especially when we eat it in the casual and friendly atmosphere of the street.

NOV 1998
19th Street, Latha township, Yangon, Myanmar
Photograph by Hideo Sawada

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