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「友」からのお便り 2



Dr. Hanjabam Surmangol Sharma
Department of Linguistics
Manipur University, Canchipur
(Visiting Resarcher at ILCAA: 2002-2004)

During the year 2002-04 I got a rare opportunity to establish a connection with AA-ken. The JSPS post doctoral fellowship for which I was awarded was related to do collaborative research in GICAS (Grammatological Informatics based on the corpora of Asian Scripts) project headed by Professor Peri Bhaskararao. As becoming one of the researchers in the well visionary, prospective, dedicated project I took up two aspects of studies: (a) about Meetei script (Manipuri/Meithei script), (b) issues in Manipuri lexicon. Both studies are quite interrelated. Since there was no comprehensive dictionary for Manipuri, my then research aimed at the development of computerized Manipuri lexicon database. The development of the database dealt with assigning grammatical category, selecting head entries, framing criteria for head entry and run on entry levels, treatment of adjectives and adverbs, etc. By the end of my tenure as a fellow in GICAS and with the support and cooperation from my then colleagues and staffs in GICAS project and other professors, scholars, researchers in AA-Ken I was able at least to develop a computerized database of Manipuri lexicon. The database is organized in such a manner as: (i) head entry, (ii) grammatical category, (iii) meaning/definition, (iv) morpheme-wise meaning (in case the head or sub entry is not mono-morphemic).

Other academic activity I engaged at though informally, was teaching basic Manipuri lessons to a small group whose names are Sawada-san, Arakawa-san, Joyce-san, Ebihara-san. The lessons were based on communicative Manipuri structure comprising different types of sentences. Though it ran for a short time I would consider it was fruitful as we had lively interaction and the feedback from the participants helped me in my further research. In fact, the program was happened because of the initiative taken up by Prof. Hideo Sawada.

Towards the end of my fellowship in AA-Ken, Sawada-san, Arakawa-san and I made a trip to Hakone. The place is so beautiful, welcoming. To me the taste of egg boiled in hot spring is something special, one cannot miss at Hakone.

From time to time, I could still learn about the research projects and academic activities at which AA-Ken involve, conduct, and sponsor. These are quite interesting and challenging ones.

Frankly speaking, the experience I gained from the institute certainly adds to the improvement in my research attitude and academic activities. The hospitality, care, support, cooperation extended by faculty and staff of AA-Ken during my stay in the institute is so invaluable to me. For that I shall remain thankful to all of them. Last but not least, it is my earnest desire to remain connected with AA-Ken and pursue collaborative academic activities whenever any opportunity comes on my way.

With kind regards, H. Surmangol Sharma

From left, Hideo Sawada and Hanjabam Surmangol Sharma at Hakone (Feb. 2002)
(photograph by Shintaro Arakawa)

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