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Monthly Photos Sep 2022

Photos taken by ILCAA staff and associates are posted here once a month; most of them are taken during their field research in Asia and Africa.

(The copyright belongs to the photographers.)

The City of Lakes

Bhopal, the state capital of Madhya Pradesh, located in central India, is also known as “the City of Lakes” and has various sizes of natural or man-made lakes. The largest one is the Bhojtal. This lake is said to be an artificial lake created in the 11th century by Raja Bhoja, a king of the Paramara dynasty, and the city of Bhopal has grown around it. Originally, the city name “Bhopal” itself derives from “Bhojpal,” meaning a dam of Bhoja. The Bhojtal also goes by the name of “Baḍa Talaab” or the Upper Lake, and forms the Bhoj Wetland with “Chhota Talaab” or the Lower Lake, which was constructed to the east of the Bhojtal in the 18th century. The Bhoj Wetland was designated as a Ramsar Site in 2002.

February 28, 2019
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
Photograph by Shinsaku KATO

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