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Monthly Photos June 2010

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Auspicious Sign

In arranging the schedule of expedition to Cambodia in 2008, the plan of helicopter flight from Siem Reap city, the entrance to Angkor, to two remote Khmer sites was brought. At first I was not very hot on the plan different from other members. It was simply by reason that `every object floating in the sky have possibilities of falling'. It's just that I am a little timid.

Feeling vague anxiety, I looked toward the helicopter to board, and noticed a rainbow over there. Immediately I took one shot in landscape position, and two shots in portrait position, and two more shots with a film camera.

Having finished a spell of shooting, my anxiety has vanished. Yes, it maybe goes well --- I thought so without any reason. The flight was almost all right, and we could save one and a half day. And we could get a bird's eye views of the land of Siem Reap and Kampong Thom provinces as a bonus.

Though every people do not take a rainbow as an auspicious sign, it surely was in my case, since I can write the photo caption now. As it were, "Happiness comes to those who believe".

19 NOV 2008
At the heliport of Siem Reap, Cambodia
Photograph by Hideo Sawada

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