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Bontok Texts
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The texts presented on this page were originally published in 1992 as GUINAANG BONTOK TEXTS by the Institute for the Study of the Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo, Japan.   They are made available at this site with the permission of the publisher.  Each of the texts named in the contents on the right maybe viewed by clicking on the underlined number or the text.  The texts are in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format so that phonetic symbols can be viewed as they are in the original document.  An Acrobat Reader will automatically download to your machine when you open one of the files.

The first rather long text (C1 -- The Obbo Working Groups) has interlinear syntactic, morphological, and literal translations (explained in the Introduction) for each sentence before the free translation is provided.  All other texts are in double column format, with the Bontok text on the left and English sentence by sentence free translations on the right.  The orthography used is basically phonemic, but glottal stop is not represented at the beginning of words, nor between vowels, and the velar nasal is represented by the digraph ng.   A fuller description is found in the Introduction.


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