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Santali Database

overview Digitalization of Bodding's Santal Dictionary, 4 vols.
objective The objective of this project is to digitalize the Santal Dictionary by Rev. P. O. Bodding and provide on-line searchable access for Santali.

content Santali is one of the major languages of the Austroasiatic (Austric) language family, spoken in Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal in India. This project is currently working on two major tasks.
The first is digitalizing a Santali dictionary, which provides not only linguistic data, but is also a rich reference of cultural information. Although some proof-editing work remains, a test version of a full text search for this monumental work compiled by the Rev. P. O. Bodding is available at our web site.
The second major task is to digitalize the independently-developed Santali script, known as Ol Chiki (literally meaning 'writing letters'). This script has been employed in writing the Santali language, although Devanagari, Bengali, Oriya, and the alphabet have also been used. Work on creating a meta-font system for Ol Chiki is almost complete, and is being tested with the Santali Dictionary database.

The complete text of the Santal Dictionary has been digitalized as text files, and full-text search for this is now available at the linked site below.

A second proofreading for the input text is now in progress. Please note that the text search currently available is only a test version and that users are, therefore, advised to also consult the original printed text.

link P.O. Bodding's Santali Dictionary
last update on 22/Mar/2004

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